Planting Tips For Sarah Bernhardt Peony

A beautiful plant with large pinkish flowers Sarah Bernhardt peony is extremely beautiful. This plant will keep your garden look fresh and attractive for a long period. Its flowers bloom for two to three months and its pretty green foliage will give your garden a lively look throughout the year.

Suitable environment : This flowering plant loves loamy soil with little moisture and a well-drained system.

Colour: The color of its flowers are cool pink and the leaves are green.

Blooming season: Its season of interest includes

  • Late spring
  • Early summer

Size: Its average height and width are about 36 inches.

Family:  This plant belongs to the Paeoniaceae family.

Plant Type: This is a flowering plant with evergreen deep foliage.

Sun exposure : Sarah Bernhardt peony loves full sun.

Watering needs : It’s all about the size of your plant and the weather conditions. If you have recently planted your peony then water it immediately. In the spring season soil usually has enough moisture so frequent watering is not recommended. While in dry weather water your plant twice a week.

Fragrance : This plant has a very mild fragrance in the blooming season.

Maintenance : This is a low maintenance plant.

Features of this plant:

Some amazing characteristics of Sarah Bernhardt peony are

  • It’s easy to grow.
  • The flowers are quite big that looks so amazing.
  • Besides that, it has a very nice fragrance.
  • Requires low maintenance.
  • The blooming period is quite long.
  • This is a long-lived plant.
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is it toxic?        

Some parts of this flowering plant can cause serious reactions if ingested. Otherwise, this plant is toxic for cats and dogs. People who have pets should be very careful.

Is it an evergreen plant?

Yes, this plant will remain fresh and beautiful throughout the year. But its blooming seasons will last for approximately three months.

Alternative Plant:

Pink Flowers

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