Best Gooseneck loosestrife | Lysimachia Clethroides

A pretty plant with star-like mini clusters of flower gooseneck loosestrife is a flowering plant that spreads aggressively. This plant looks so amazing in the garden and needs care and maintenance.

Suitable environment :

This elegant plant grows well in humid places. This plant always thrives for well moist soil that doesn’t dry even in extremely hot weather. Its flowers only sprout when plenty of water is available to this plant.

Blooming season:

Its seasons of interest include

  • Mid Summer
  • Late Summer

Size: Its average height is about 2 – 3 feet tall.

Origin:  These sophisticated and pretty plants are native to East Asia.

Family: This plant belongs to the Primulaceae family.

Scientific name: Its scientific name is Lysimachia clethroides.

Plant Type:  This is a beautiful plant with attractive flowers.

Colour:  This flowering plant is available in different colours including

  • White
  • Purple
  • Yellow
  • Pink

Sun exposure: This plant mostly thrives for full sun but it can also tolerate average shade.

Watering needs: This plant is a water lover. For its proper growth, it is recommended to water it frequently.

Fragrance: This plant doesn’t have any fragrances. 


  • This is a moody plant that requires proper care and maintenance.
  • Keep it in well moist soil.
  • Make sure to provide enough water to balance the moisture.
  • The soil should be fully nourished.
  • Sun should be available to gooseneck loosestrife full day.
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Does this plant grow in shade?

This flowering plant enjoys full sun and its best growth is only possible when it will get maximum sunlight and frequent water. In shade, its star-like gooseneck shape clusters of flowers will not bloom well. So it’s better to provide it full sun.

How to spread this plant?

It is best to cut its stems in the winter season this will allow the plant to grow new fresh stems in the summer season it will start regrowth. In this way, your plant will flourish and will grow much better and faster.

Alternative Plant:

Mock Orange

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