How To Plant Dianthus Chinensis | Rainbow Pink Flower | China Pink Flower

Dianthus Chinensis is very nice plant with shaded flowers. This plant is grown in different gardens for ornamental purposes. Besides that its blooms are edible and can be used in different ways for eating.

Suitable environment:Like most, the plants dianthus Chinensis grows well in well-drained soil. Besides that this plant loves hot weather and can survive even you will water it once a week.

Blooming season:Its seasons of interest are

  • Spring
  • Mid-Summer

Size:This plant is about 50cm tall.

Origin: This colourful plant is native to following countries

  • Magnolia
  • China
  • Korea
  • Russia

Genus:Its genus is Dianthus.

Specie:This plant belongs to the specie of D. Chinensis.

Family:Caryophyllaceae is the family of this plant

Order:Its order is Caryophyllales

Plant Type: This is a nice flowering plant that has very beautiful multi-shade flowers.

Colour:The leaves of this plant are greyish green and its flowers are multi-coloured.

Sun exposure:This plant requires about six hours of sunlight daily. But it can also survive in partial shade.

Watering needs:This plant will grow well even with watering it once a week. But in dry and high temperatures you can water your plant twice a week.

Fragrance:It has a strong fragrance that resembles the smell of cloves.

Other names:This plant has some common names like

Rainbow Pink flower

China Pink flower

Maintenance:Few maintenance tips will help you to keep your plant fresh and healthy are:

  • Water your plant once a week in normal conditions.
  • Add a good quality fertiliser once in two months.
  • Provide full sun to your plant.
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Are they edible?

Yes, this plant is edible. And its blooms are used in so many ways for eating. You can add it. your pickles can also be used as the topping of cake etc.

How to propagate this plant?

This plant is one of the easiest growing plants. You can simply propagate it through cuttings. But make sure to cut it in the exact season only then your cuttings will. start regrowing. It’s recommended to cut this plant in June and September. This is a perfect time and roots will grow fast

Alternative Plant.

Hibiscus Mutabilis Is also multi colour Flower..

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