Sango Kaku Japanese maple

Sango Kaku Japanese maple is pretty and has small to medium size flowers. The branches of this plant make an attractive focal point in the winter.

Suitable place for Sango Kaku Japanese Maple:

It is important to grow these flowers in slightly acidic, neutral, well-drained, humid or cool soil. Plant it in light shade or full sun area for their healthy growth.

Origin of Flower: it is native to Korea, China, Southeast Russia, Japan, and Eastern Mongolia.

Genus: Its genus is Acer.

Family: The family of this flower is Sapindaceae.

Species: A. Palmatum.

Plant type: Tree.

Structure Form: Rounded.

Growth rate: Medium.

Maintenance: Small.

Soil type: Sandy, Clay, loam, and shallow rocky.

Characteristics: Deciduous.

Leaf color: Red, Green, Gold Yellow and Orange.

Arrangement of leaf: Opposite.

Height: 20_25m.

Water needs: Average.

Soil PH: Neutral or acidic.

Tolerance: Rabbit.

Garden Uses: Borders and Beds.

Spread: 15_20cm.

Seasonal interest: Winter, spring, and summer.

Exposure: Partial sun or full sun.

Plant type: Perennial.

Texture: Medium.

Tips to better grow this plant: Following are some essential tips given below that you should follow to get better growth of this plant:

  • Partial shade or full sun is required.
  • Watering on the daily basis is mandatory.
  • Trim leaves to get the better growth of a plant.
  • Fertilization is also necessary.
Most Frequent Asked Questions:

1. What is the Scientific name of this plant?

The scientific name of this plant is Acer palmatumsangoKaku.

2. Which season is best for this plant?

Spring winter and summer are the best seasons to grow this plant.

3. What is the common name of this plant?

The common name of this plant is the Japanese maple sangoKaku.

4. is it toxic for humans?

 No, it is not toxic to humans at all you can use this flower without any fear.

5. Is Japanese sango is drought tolerant?

Yes, these are flowers can tolerate drought or rough soil.


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