Clethra Hummingbird Care And Growing Guide

Clethra hummingbird is a nice plant with small green leaves and white flowers that have a strong scent. This plant spread gradually and slowly. It can be used as an ornamental plant in different types of gardens. Along with beauty, this flowering plant will give a pleasant and strong smell to the area where it is grown.

Suitable environment :

The hummingbird plant prefers moist soil but it should be well-drained. This flowering plant thrives for full sun and can also survive in partial shade. Its watering requirements are below average.

Season: The flowers of this plant bloom from mid-summer to late summer.

Origin: The Clethra hummingbird is native to Florida and Texas.

Specie: Its species is C.alnifolia.

Family: This plant belongs to the Clethraceae family.

Genus: Its genus is Clethra.

Another name: This is also known as the sweet summer flower.

Sun Exposure: This plant performs well in full sun but it can also survive in partial shade.

Fragrance : This flowering plant has a strong pleasant fragrance.

Watering Needs : Its watering needs are average.

Propagation: You can propagate this plant through cuttings.

Colour: This plant has small white flowers and green leaves.

Plant type : This is a flowering plant that has a very nice strong smell and white flowers.

Size : Its average height is approximately 3-4 feet.

Maintenance : This plant will grow well even with little or no maintenance.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Does this flowering plant has a fragrance?

Yes, this plant has a very nice and calming fragrance.  If you have this plant in your garden you will enjoy its soothing fragrance and will love it.

Is it evergreen?

To some extent, you can call this plant an evergreen plant because this plant doesn’t shed leaves. But its flower only blooms in the summer season.

Is it an ornamental plant?

Yes, this is a fragrant ornamental flowering plant.

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