Ketchup And Mustard Rose Tree Care And Growing Guide

Ketchup and mustard rose has a lovely variety of roses with small clusters. Its bright red colour and dark yellow petals make it more attractive.

Suitable place for Ketchup and mustard rose:

For the healthy growth of these flowers, it is important to place them near the full sun, well_drained soil or fertile moisture.

Origin of Flower: it is native to the united kingdom.

Genus: Its genus is Rosa.

Family: It belongs to the family of Floribunda roses.

Species: Its species is Hybrida.

Petals: It has 25 petals.

Flower colour: Red and yellow.

Height: 36_ 48 cm.

Exposure: Full sun.

Spread: 90cm to 120cm.

Water needs: Medium.

Soil type: Sandy, chalk or clay.

Characteristics: Fragrance, showy and cut flowers.

Maintainance: Little or average.

Attracts: Butterflies.

Soil PH: Alkaline, Acid or Neutral.

Garden Uses: Patio, Beds and containers.

Seasonal interest: Spring or Summer.

Fragrance: Mild fragrance.

Bloom type: Clustered.

Foliage Type: Apple green colour.

Growth rate: Moderate.

Soil requirement: Well_ drained or moist soil.

Pruning: Cut off deadheads or damaged branches.

Fertilize type: 5_5_7.

Subspecies: Wekz gazette.

Grafting: Y.

Tips to better Grow this plant: Here are some important tips are given below that you must follow to get better growth:

  • Provide Full sun or well_drained soil.
  • Fertilization and watering regularly.
  • Cut off dead heads to regenerate new leaves.
Most Frequent Asked Questions:

1. What is the common name of this flower?

The common name of this plant is ketchup and mustard Floribunda rose.

2. What is the best season for this flower?

Spring or summer is the best season to grow ketchup and mustard rose.

3. Is it easy to propagate this flower?

Yes, you can easily propagate this flower by giving proper sunlight and watering.

4. Is pruning is essential for the growth of this plant?

Yes, pruning is a must for the growth of this plant because trimming dead leaves help to Secure your flower from damage.

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