How To Grow and Care Salvia Splendens

Salvia Splendens is the most attractive and pretty flowering plant. Available in a wide range of species that vary in color, size, and fragrance. Salvia Splendens is used as an ornamental plant in gardens, parks, on the sides of the road, etc. This captivating plant is easy to grow and maintain. 

Suitable Environment:

Salvia Splendens loves full sun . Interestingly this flowering plant can grow well in many different types of soils like sandy, moist, partly drained, and even in clay.


This beautiful flower is a native of Brazil.


This plant is available in different colors including dark purple, red and white.


Salvia plant has a very mild and light fragrance. 

Standard Size:

This plant has approximately 4 – 26 ft in height.


Its species is S. Splendens.


Genus of Salvia Splendens is Salvia .


It belongs to the Lamiaceae family.


Following tips will help you to keep your plant in a good condition. 

  • Must use a normal fertilizer every month.
  • Make sure the soil is well moist.
  • For best growth keep your Salvia in full sun.

Tips To Plant : 

  • Add a little bit of sand to the soil that will help the area to drain properly.
  • Make sure to provide enough depth to the plant as it was in the container. 
  • Now water your baby plant thrice a week this will keep your plant moisture and it will grow quickly. 
Frequently Asked Questions: 

1. Salvia Splendenspoisionous?

The toxicological investigation is carried out on the Salvia plant and it is founded that this plant is a little bit toxic if consumed in larger quantities.

2. How often should I water Salvia Splendens?

Commonly this plant loves moist and watery soil. But watering Salvia frequently can damage its roots. So it is recommended to water this plant on alternative days depending on the condition of the weather.

3. Does Salvia love the sun?

Yes, most of the species of Salvia plant prefer full sunlight but some species can survive in shady places.

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