Mexican Flamevine

Mexican Flamevine is a pretty flower and is available in orange color. In addition to this, its height is approximately about 10cm long. Moreover, Its fertilization is very easy as you can easily fertilize it without any difficulty.

Furthermore, its attractive looks enhance your lawn beauty so you must use this as your houseplant. Along with this, butterflies and hummingbirds are seen to be very attracted to these plants. Instead of that, it needs little care and medium water to survive not much care is needed as for other flowers.

Suitable place for Mexican Flamevine:

For the protection of this flower from any harm, it is essential to take place near well-drained soil or sunny area. Besides that, its good quality is that it can avoid rocky or poor soils.

Origin of Flower:

It is native to West Indies, Mexico, and Central America.


Its genus is Pseudogynoxys.


It belongs to the family of Asteraceae.


The subfamily of this flower is Asteroidea

Common Name:

The common name of the plant is Mexican Flamevine.

Tips to better grow this plant:

Following are some tips given below that you must follow to protect your plant:

  • Provide a well-drained or full sun place.
  • Watering on the regular basis is essential.
  • Pruning is important to regenerate the bloom in the flowers.
Most Frequent Asked Questions:

1. What is the Scientific name of Mexican Flamevine?

The scientific name of this plant is PseudogynoxysChenopodioides.

2. Is Flamevine can dye?

Yes if you didn’t follow the important tips it may die as it is mentioned that it needs medium water and little care so don’t watering too much because it can destroy your Mexican Flamevine.

3. How you can propagate Flamevine?

It is very simple to propagate it you can simply cut off the existing piece of vine from about 8 inches in height. Additionally, keep it moist to get better growth.

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