Complete information on Clematis Montana

Clematis Montana is another best and we’ll know the category of flowers. These flowers are evergreen and are woody. In addition to this, it is not very hard to grow these flowers. The ideal soil for the growth of these flowers has a good drainage system and receives full sunlight. Moreover, it is very crucial to mulching these flowers for the cooling of its roots that keep them most.

The shape of these flowers is just like little stars and is available in three different colors such as purple, blue, and pink. It is essential to prune these flowers once it’s blooming is done. The fragrance of these flowers is very pleasant that can make the environment fresh and healthy.

Suitable soil for growth:

The ideal environment for the growth of these flowers is such a location can that absorbs full sunlight. The soil must have a good drainage system. Significantly for the healthy growth of plants, the gardeners can add a layer of mulch to the soil.


These flowers are native to the mountainous regions of Asia such as Afghanistan and Taiwan.

Common Name:

We can also call these flowers Mountain Clematis, Himalayan Clematis, Anemone Clematis.

Scientific Name:  Clematis Montana

Family :

This flower is a member of the Ranunculaceae family.

Type :

 The type of these flowers is Vine.

Genus: Clematis

Species: C. Montana

Height: These flowers are about 20 to 25 feet tall

Exposure: It needs full sunlight

Soil: The soil must be cool and deep

Flowering Time: The best time to grow these flowers is from late spring or fall.

Tips To Grow:

There are some beneficial tips for the better growth of these flowers:

  • These flowers can be planted in the spring and fall season
  • Like other plants, these flowers also loves to grow in a shaded area along with full sunlight.
  • But it is crucial to prevent the collar of the roots from sunlight by using a few tiles or rocks.
  • Pruning is also essential for healthy growth after flowering.
Frequently Asked Question:

Is it true that Montana flowers are dangerous for human beings?

Yes, these flowers may contain some toxic elements that are dangerous for living things.

In what colours these Mountain Clematis are available?

These flowers are Interestingly available in three colours pink, purple and blue.


Lilium Candidum.

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