Growing Tips For Campanula

Campanula flowers are also considered bellflowers. Flawlessly, because of the beauty of these flowers, this plant has an attractive look. This plant has a compact shape along with upright flowers. To clarify this, these bellflowers reappear after flowering in September. The pleasant nodding heads of these flowers make your garden beautiful. Similarly, harebells are perennial flowers and are found in various areas of the world. Interestingly bellflowers are the favourite of most people because no hard effort is required to grow them.

Suitable Environment To Grow:

This Campanula rotundifol needs soil that has good drainage and can absorb full or partial sunlight. If these flowers receive plenty of sunlight they can bloom perfectly. The best flowers grow in late spring before the frost and also grows in early fall.


Campanula flowers are available in various regions such as in countries and Europe. In addition to this, you will also see these flowers in Scotland and British.

Scientific Name:

 We call this flower scientifically Campanula rotundifolia

Common Name:

 There are different names of these Campanula which includes bellflower, Harebell and Scottish bluebell.


Campanulaceae is its family.




Campanula L.


These flowers grow up to 1 to 3 feet tall.

Flower colour:

 The available colours in these flowers are pink, white, blue and purple.

Foliage colours:

The foliage of these flowers is evergreen and attractive.

Tips To Grow:

Here are some of the essential tips for the healthy growth of these flowers:

  • To clarify this, Harebell can grow smoothly in full sunlight. As well as in indoors along with partial shade.
  • It is enough to give plant to this plant two times per week.
  • Significantly, it is crucial to water these flowers from below due to which flowers and foliage will remain dry.
  • For the longer blooming of these flowers, it is crucial to remove wilted flowers.
Frequently Asked Question:

Is it good for the health of animals?

Flawlessly, these flowers are not good for the health of the animal because bellflowers contain toxic elements that can cause skin irritation in animals.

What do Campanula flowers symbolize?

These flowers are interesting as a symbol of love and affection.


Ophiopogon Japonicus.

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