Lewisia Cotyledon Care And Growing Information

Lewisia Cotyledon flowers are attractive and ideal for wall crevices and gardens. Lewisia cotyledons are members of the Montiaceae family. Similarly, these cliff maids are evergreen flowering plants and grow from caudex units and taproots. The leaves of these flowers generate a spoon shape,  oval and thick basal rosettes round about 9 cm in length.

Origin: These Siskiyou lewisias are native to Northern California and Oregon.
Habitat: Interestingly these flowers grow in mountain habitats that are sharp and rocky.
Leaves shape: The shape of these flowers is just like a small cup.

Best Time To Plant Cliff Maids: The suitable time to grow these flowers ranges from spring to summer.

Inflorescence: Its inflorescence grows on one or two stems and is estimated 10-30 cm tall. Each stem of this plant contains up to 50 flowers. 

Number of Petals: Each Siskiyou lewisia contains 7 to 13 petals.

Colour of petals: The petals of these flowers are white and pale pink. Along with striping in yellow-orange or pinkish-orange colour.

Common Names: We can commonly call these flowers Siskiyou lewisia and cliff maids.

Botanical name: Lewisia cotyledon is its scientific name.

Family: It is one of the members of the Montiaceae family.

Genus: Lewisia

Species: L. cotyledon

Foliage:  The foliage of these flowers is evergreen and looks like spoons.


Its perennial remains green and grows perfectly in mountainous areas. 

Frequently Asked Question:

Is it true that Lewisia flowers are edible?

Yes of course. All the categories of Lewisia flowers are edible. For example, the Lewisiarediviva contains huge size roots and local Merican use it in their food recipes. Firstly they peeled the roots of this flower and then cook it to overcome its bitterness.

Does Lewisia require full sunlight?

These flowers need morning sunlight and do not prefer afternoon sunlight.

Are Cliff maids are poisonous?

No these flowers are not poisonous at all because native Americans use these flowers in their foods.

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