Lychnis Coronaria Care And Growing Guide

Lychnis Coronaria plant has awesome pinkish flowers that resemble the trumpet. Its season of interest is summer and looks so amazing when blooms. This is the best option for decorating a garden. Its fresh pink flowers will give a bright and vibrant look to your garden. Besides that, it’s super easy to take care of and has low maintenance requirements.

Suitable environment :

This colorful plant thrives for well-drained, slightly moist, and average soil.

Blooming season: The flowers of this pretty plant bloom from late spring to late summer season.

Common name: Rose campion is the most famous and common name of this plant.

Genus : Its genus is silene.

Family : This pinkish plant belongs to the Caryophyllaceae family.

Order: its order is Caryophyllales.

Fragrance : This plant doesn’t have any strong fragrance.

Colour: This flowering plant has fresh pink flowers and greyish leaves.

Sun exposure : It performs well both in full sun and partial shade.

Size: The stems of this plant are mostly 16 inches tall.

Watering needs: This plant enjoys less water it is recommended to water it occasionally.

Plant type: This is a flowering plant.

Maintenance: This plant can survive well with low maintenance and minimal care.

Diseases: Luckily this beautiful plant is disease-free.

Frequently Asked Questions

When baby plant will bloom with flowers?

The growth of a baby plant Lychnis Coronaria takes some time. In the first year, only leaves will form on the pretty greyish stems. And in the second year, this plant will start blooming with fresh pink flowers.

Can I plant them in pots?

As the size of this pretty plant is not huge so it’s easy to plant it in a medium pot where it can grow well.

Is it edible?

Not at all this plant has mini thorns like scales on its stem and pink flowers. There is nothing in this plant that can be eaten by humans or animals.

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