Lycianthes Rantonnetii | Paraguay Nightshade | Blue Potato Bush

A beautiful shrub-like plant with nice purple flowers lycianthes rantonnetii is an evergreen plant. This is considered one of the most charming and amazing garden flowers. It can be grown in the home garden and is suitable to grow in small pots as well. Its overall colour combination is super calming and beautiful.

Suitable environment :

This plant needs naturally rich and moist soil. it needs well-drained otherwise it will cause root rot. Besides that this plant loves full sun and performance slow in the shade. Its flowers will not bloom well in shade.

Blooming season :

Its season of interest is

  • Early Summer
  • Mid Summer
  • Late Summer

Size: The average height of this fascinating plant is approximately 6ft tall.

Genus: Its genus is Lychanthes.

Family: This plant belongs to the Solanaceae family.

Order: Its order is solanales.

Common names:

Some of the most common names of this flowering plant include

  • Paraguay Nightshade
  • Blue Potato Bush

Plant type : It is a flowering plant.

Sun exposure : This plant performs best in the full sun.

Watering  needs: It’s recommended to water this plant only when the soil gets dry otherwise this plant doesn’t need daily watering.

Fragrance: This plant doesn’t have any fragrances.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)                    

Is it suitable to grow lycianthes rantonnetii in pots?

Yes, you can grow this plant in pots and containers.

Is it edible?

No, Not consumed by humans in any area of the world

Is it a toxic plant?

Yes, this plant is highly poisonous. All of its parts including stems, leaves and flowers are toxic. This plant can cause redness and skin irritation if touched.

Is it evergreen?

The flowers of this plant bloom in only a few months of the year. Overall this plant is an evergreen species that remains fresh throughout the year.

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