Spider Lilies Flowering plant Planting Tips

Spider lilies are a beautiful and eye-catching Flowering plant, which belongs to the “Amaryllis”  Family (subfamily Amaryllidoideae). This plant was first grown in Japan and is now mostly found in the countries known as China, Korea, Nepal, the United States, and elsewhere. This plant usually grows in cold areas containing temperatures -4 degrees Celsius to -9 degrees Celsius and grows in the time periods of June, July, and august or we can say that at end of the summer season or in autumn. It is a fast-growing plant and grows to a height of one meter. While this plant contains leaves of seizing 90 to 6.5 cm long. In Addition, the Leaves of this plant are linear or strap-shaped, merge before and after flowering and in remaining time it gives a fresh look and remains fresh for weeks.

Care and Tips While Planting Spider Lilies:

Be careful while growing spider lilies in your garden. Just follow some tips. The first parameter to choose is your container and soil, you have to choose any wide container like a 12-inch pot with well-draining soil with at least 20 to 30 percent compost like decomposed cow dung. The second thing is to choose healthy-looking bulbs and not any rotten or fungal infected bulbs. If you planting multiple bulbs then keep in mind that space the bulbs 8 to 12 inches apart in all directions, so that they have enough space to spread. After planting this water immediately but do not overwater because bulbs always contain moisture within them. Now after 30 to 40 days when the plant has grown well, In summer keep it in full sunlight but under the green net. At last, just regular water the plant for its better growth but remember you can kill it with overwatering.

Types of Spider Lilies:
  • Red Spider Lilies
  • Golden Lilies
  • White Lilies
  • Magic Lilies
  • Surprise Lilies
  • Resurrection Lilies

Is this plant Available in Different Colours?

Yes, spider Lilies are available in different colors like white and red and purple, and many other colors.

Which Country is suitable for this plant?

it mostly grows in low-temperature country min temp 4 degrees.

in which family does this plant belong?

spider lilies belong to the Amaryllis family.

Why do People say Spider lilies are flowers of the heavens?

According to Buddhist scriptures, Red Color Flower Fall from Heaven is a signal of celebratory occasion.

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