Ophiopogon Japonicus

Here comes another amazing flower named Ophiopogon japonicus , which belongs to the lily flower kingdom. Flawlessly, these flowers are considered evergreen flowers. Its leaves are linear and approximately 30-40 cm long. The colour of its flowers is white along with slightly lilac. Interestingly along with the flowers, this plant also produces fruit that is known as a blueberry. This fruit is the favourite of most people and is delicious.

Suitable Environment To Grow: 

Mondo grass is another name for these flowers. These flowers can grow healthily in partial shade or little shades. In addition to this, It is enough to place these flowers in sunlight for 6-8 hours per day. It only needs sunlight in the morning, not after half of the day. Its perfect soil type is loam that has good drainage.


These flowers are first time seen in Japan and then spread in Korea, Chine, Vietnam.

Common Name: 

We can commonly call this flower mondo grass

Scientific Name: 

Ophiopogonjaponicus is its scientific name


Asparagaceae is the family of this flower


The subfamily of this flower is Nolinoideae




O. japonicus

Tips to Grow: 

There are some beneficial tips to grow these flowers:

  • If the season gets dry it is important to remove weeds from it and its surrounding area must be moist.
  • For the best appearance of the flowers, it is important to trim them from time to time.
  • You just need to fertilize the soil for once.
Frequently Asked Question: 

1. What are the benefits of mondo grass? 

The major benefits of these flowers are that it is best as antiseptic for the treatment of the mouth sores. Moreover, it is also fundamental in the treatment of anxiety, restlessness and other psychological disorders. 

2. Is it true that Ophiopogonjaponicus are not poisonous? 

Of course, it is true, because these flowers are useful as medicine to cure many diseases to it completely safe and healthy for all living organisms.

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