Skimmia Japonica Care And Growing Tips

Skimmia Japonica flowering plant is one of the members of the Rutaceae family. The estimated length of these flowers is around 20ft tall and 6m wide. Interestingly this plant remains green ever. Similarly, the leaves of this flower are leathery, glossy, and elegant. It is one of the commonly grown ornamentals plants. Most often these flowers are planted in parks as well as in gardens. these flowers have a beautiful combination of white or cream-yellowish color. Along with stunning flowers, this plant also contains red fruits. This extraordinary flowering plant can adopt several conditions such as atmospheric pollution and drought. The ideal location for these japonica flowers is a Chinese garden and bonsai.

Suitable Environment To Grow:

It is beneficial to plant these flowers in acidic and moist soil. At the time of plantation if the gardener adds some compost to the soil it is wise to step to grow healthy flowers. To clarify this, it is very important to select a good drainage soil for these flowers. Because these flowers can be faded in heavy sunlight. It is best to grow these flowers in partial shade. Flawlessly, do not place these skimmia Japonica in direct sunlight.

Prune my skimmia: After the blooming of the flowers, the gardener should prune skimmia. The gardener just needs to trim the twigs ends that are holding the fruits.

Sun exposure: This plant can grow well in full shade, dappled shade, and also in partial shades.

Soil type: It can grow well in moist, clay, light, and acidic soil.

Common Name: We can also call these flowers Japanese skimmia.

Scientific Name: Skimmia japonica is its botanical name.

Family: This flower species belongs to the Rutaceae family.

Genus: Skimmia

Species: Its specie is S. japonica

Frequently Asked Question?

Is this plant is poisonous?

Yes, these flowers are slightly poisonous because they can cause cardiac arrest if you take these flowers in a large amount. To clarify this, red fruits contain a huge amount of toxicity.

What is the ideal time to grow skimmia Japonica?

These flowers grow to their fullest in the fall season. But there are also possibilities to grow Japanese skimmia in spring also.


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