Jerusalem Sage Care And Complete Growing Guide

Jerusalem sage is a colourful plant with super attractive bright yellow flowers Jerusalem sage is also known as Phlomis fruticosa. This is suitable for your garden if you are in search of an evergreen beautiful shrub-like flowering plant then grow this in your garden.

Suitable environment :

This pretty plant loves well-drained and moist soil. Besides that, you can drizzle water occasionally. This plant can tolerate partial shade but prefers full sun.

Blooming season :

The season of interest of this plant is

  • Late Spring
  • Summer

Size: The average size of this plant is about 4 ft tall.


It is native to

  • Turkey
  • Italy
  • Greece

Specie: Its specie is P. fruticosa.

Genus: Its genus is P. fruticosa

Family: This plant belongs to the Lamiaceae family.

Colour: This plant has beautiful bright yellowish flowers and deep greenish leaves.

Sun exposure: This pretty plant enjoys full sun but it also accepts medium shade.

Watering needs : In summers it can perform well even with minimum watering.

Fragrance :It doesn’t have any strong fragrance.

Other names: Its other common name is Phlomis fruticosa.

Plant type: It’s an awesome flowering plant that produces nice yellow flowers.

Maintenance : It’s a low maintenance flowering plant.

Propagation tips:

  • After the flowering season ends it is recommended to cut and trim the stems of this plant.
  • This process will help the plant to generate extra flowers.
  • It will also increase the growth of the plant.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is it edible?

Yes besides its beauty and attraction the best feature of these pants is that you can eat them. This plant can be cooked with meat or you can also enhance the flavour of your pasta with it.

Does bees like this plant?

As this plant has bright yellow flowers and a beautiful look so bees and other insects get easily attracted to this plant. Besides that, it’s not poisonous so bees can also take nectar from its flowers.

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