Aquilegia Vulgaris Caring and Growing Guide

Aquilegia Vulgaris flower is also famous with a unique name Granny’s bonnet. These flowers are herbaceous perennial flowers that can grow up to 1.2 feet. Aquilegia vulgaris create beautiful branches and little hairy stems. Its leaves have a unique pattern. Every leaves further possesses three leaflets. Interestingly, granny’s bonnet is available in

  • blue
  • pink
  • white
  • purple shades.

Blooming Time:

The perfect season to grow these flowers healthily is Summer.

Requirements Of Aquilegia Vulgaris:

These flowers thrived to grow in medium or light soil. Such as loamy or Sandy soil. It is crucial to plant these flowers in well-drained soil. Granny’s bonnet can grow well in normal shades.

Ideal PH: The soil should be slightly alkaline or acidic.

Scientific Name: Aquilegia vulgaris L is it’s scientific name.

Common Names:

There are various names for this flower such as:

  • European crowfoot
  • Granny’s bonnet
  • Columbine
  • Granny’s nightcap.

Family: Ranunculaceae is its belonging family.

Genus: Aquilegia

Species: Its species is A. Vulgari

Colour: These flowers commonly grow in blue.

Habitat: Aquilegia Vulgaris ordinarily grows in grasslands or woodlands.

  • There are various advantages of using these flowers in our diet.
  • The taste of Columbine is sweet and fruity.
  • It can make your salads more good and yummy.
  • Moreover, the individuals you want to try something new instead of tea then it is a good substitute.
Frequently Asked Question:

What places can be covered by European crowfoot?

These flowers are mostly used to cover border areas, woodlands, and rocky gardens. And are hardy approximately minimally at -25°.

Does Columbine require full sunlight to grow well?

These flowers can adapt the various type of environments. But these flowers love to grow in full sun.

Are aquilegia vulgaris native to Europe?

These flowers are also known as European crowfoot. So it is clear that they are native to Europe. And are also naturalized in various areas of North America.


Rocky Mountain Columbine.

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