Dymondia Care And Growing Tips

Dymondia is a beautiful and drought-tolerant plant. One important thing about this plant is that it requires enough water for the initial six months.

Suitable place for Dymondia:

It is important to place these flowers in a light shade or full sun area.

Origin of Flower: This flower is native to the Province region of South Africa.

Genus: Its genus is Dymondia Compton.

Family: The flower belongs to the family of Asteraceae.

Height: Its height is about 1_3cm.

Water required: Low water is sufficient.

Characteristics: These are evergreen and showy flowers.

Tolerance: It can tolerate salt, deer, drought and soil.

Plant Type: The plant type of this flower is perennial.

Maintenance: Medium maintenance is enough.

Soil Drainage: Well-drained soil is best.

Spread: It spread about 1_2 cm.

Seasonal interest: Summer and spring are suitable seasons for its growth.

Attracts: Butterflies are attracted to it.

Garden Uses: These are useful for Borders and Beds.

Spacing: 20cm spacing is necessary.

Tips to better grow this plant:

Following are some essential tips that you follow to protect this plant which is given below:

  • Full sun or light shaded area is important.
  • Watering on regular basis.
  • Cutoff deadheads to regenerate new leaves.
  • Fertilization is also very important to grow this plant.
Most Frequent Asked Questions:

1. What is the common name of this plant?

The common name of this plant is silver carpet and carpet daisy.

2. Is this flower is useful?

Yes, it is useful as it can help to resist dear and also you can use this as a houseplant.

3. What is the scientific name of this plant?

The scientific name of this plant is Dymondia.

4. Is Dymondia is toxic?

No, these are non_toxic for both humans and pets so you can plant this flower without any fear.

5. What do Dymondia symbolize?

Dymondia symbolizes unity and prosperity.

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