Information on Salvia Greggii

Salvia greggii is also known as Autumn sage. Significantly these mounding shrubs are tiny, aromatic, and contains and remain green in the hot weather. In addition to this, these flowers are raceme born and bloom from spring to Fall. There are different colors in this flower such as white, red, orange, pink, and purple. The habitat of these flowers is mostly rocky slopes. These flowers are mostly 2-3 feet tall.

Suitable Environment To Grow:

These flowers also require such soil that is drained sharply. Flawlessly these flowers grow healthily in rocky and alkaline-rich soil. To clarify this, these flowers do not need fertilizer. An excessive amount of fertilizer can damage these flowers.

Best season To Plant:

The ideal Tien to grow these flowers is from spring to frost. These flowers do not bloom fully in the hot summer season. Growth to its fullest in the fall. Additionally, these flowers are 2cm tall in length. And attractive hummingbirds and butterflies due to its amazing fragrance.


These flowers are native to Mexico.

Scientific name: Salvia greggii is its scientific name.

Common Names:

There are different names for this flower such as  Cherry Sage, Autumn sage and Gregg Salvia

Family: Lamiaceae is its family.

Order: Lamiales

Kingdom: Plantae

Tips To Grow Healthy Flowers:

There are some tips to grow these flowers in a better way:

  • These flowers can grow well in normal soil.
  • Sunlight in good amount is also beneficial for these flowers
  • It is not crucial to provide water to these plants in a large amount.
Frequently Asked Question:

How many times do these flowers need water?

Interestingly, these flowers do not require water in excessive amounts. And to clarify, if you give water to these flowers in an extra amount the roots can be rot. So it is good to water these flowers after 7-10 days.

Is it important to provide any fertilizer for the healthy growth of Salvia?

No these flowers do not need fertilizer for their healthy growth. But if you want to fertilize it then it is not bad. Keep in mind that these flowers do not need heavy fertilizer doses.

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