Caring and Growing Lilium Candidum

Lilium Candidum is a unique and beautiful member of the lily family. It is considered a true Lily plant. These flowers are first time introduced in Balkans and Middle East. And later on naturalized in various areas of the world such as Ukraine, France, Italy, Mexico, North Africa, and some other regions also. Interestingly, these flowers are founded all most 3000 years before now.

Different cultures use these flowers as different symbols. Such as some individuals use it as the symbol of peace and others as the symbol of purity, love etc. It is also used to cure different viruses such as Botrytis fungus. The flowers of this plant have a sweet and pleasant smell. The colour of these Madonna is white along with tinted yellow colour.

Suitable Environment To Grow:

These flowers require medium, sandy or clay soil that must be well-drained. It is also very important that the soil much have acidic PH and alkaline is also needed. This flower grows well in light woodland along with semi-shades. The soil should be moist.

Best Time To Grow:

The ideal time for the plantation of these flowers is from mid the spring till early summer.

Ideal PH: It ranges from 6-8.5.

Water Range: These Madonna lilies need a normal amount of water.


The first time originated in the Middle East and Balkans

Binomial name:

Lilium candidum. L is its scientific name.

Common Name:

Madonna lily






It belongs to the Liliaceae tribe.




L. candidum


These flowers are available in pure white colour.

Tips To Grow:

  • It is very important to choose such location for these plant that receives full sunlight.
  • Partial shades are also beneficial for healthy growth.
  • The PH should be normal or near neutral.
Frequently Asked Question:

Are these flowers have a pleasant smell?

The smell of these flowers is pleasant and has a resemblance to the smell of champaca flowers.

What are the uses of Lilium Madonna?

These flowers are first time introduced more than 3000 years before. Significantly there are various beneficial uses of these flowers. Chinese people use these Madonna lilies to cure the inflammatory issues of human beings. And are ornamentals flowers all over the globe?

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