Growing Tips For Purple Wintercreeper

Purple wintercreeper is an evergreen shrub and is considered the most beautiful flower. In addition to this, it grows about 66 ft tall. Moreover, its leaves are adjusted in the opposite direction that is 1_3 cm wide and 2_6 cm long.

Additionally, these flowers are available in a diameter of 5mm with 4 greenish_ yellow petals. Instead of that, if you have wanted to propagate it then it is easy for you if an essential requirement is given to this plant. The Interesting thing is that you can enhance the beauty of the garden by using this as a houseplant.

Suitable place for Purple Winter Creeper:

To protect this plant it is important to take place near the full shaded area or in full sun. Besides that, it can grow easily in well-drained soil or moisture place. Along with this, it can tolerate any type of soil except wet or boggy soils.

Origin of Flower:

It is native to East Asia that includes Japan, Korea, the Philippines and China.


Its genus is Euonyms.


The family of this flower is Celastraceae.

Scientific Name:

The scientific name of this plant is Euonymus Fortunei.

Tips to better grow this plant:

Here some tips are given below which you have must follow to protect your flower:

  • Provide direct sun or fully shaded area.
  • Medium drained or moisture soil is good for its growth.
  • Fertilization and watering are essential.
Most Frequent Asked Questions:

1. What are the common names of purple Winter creeping?

The common names of this flower are fortune’s spindle, wintercreeper or simple spindle.

2. Is wintercreeper is poisonous?

There is no record of toxicity about this flower. However, a Large number of species contain some toxic elements so precaution is needed. Furthermore, you should avoid eating any part of this flower.

3. How far does Winter creeping spread?

This can better spread if you keep it 7_ 20 cm tall and 22_60 cm broad.


Purple Wintercreeper.

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