Ilex Glabra Shamrock | Gallberry | Inkberry

Ilex glabra shamrock is a popular and evergreen plant that leaves are ovate, spineless, flat and greenish. Moreover, You can use this as a houseplant to enhance the beauty of your garden.                

Origin of Flower:It is native to several countries given below:

  • West to Louisiana.
  • Eastern North America.
  • Coastal nova Scotia to Florida.

Genus:Its genus is Ilex.

Family:This belongs to the family of Aquifoliaceae.

Scientific Name: The scientific name of this plant is Ilex glabra.

Common Name: This plant is commonly known as gallberry or inkberry.

Species:The species of this plant is I. glabra.

Height:Its height is about 5 ft to 10ft.

Characteristics:These have some attractive characteristics:

  • Evergreen.
  • Broadleaf.
  • Showy.

 Shape of plant:Rounded and erect.

Growth rate:Unfortunately, its growth rate is slow.

Exposure:It requires partial or full sun.

Soil texture:These appreciate two types of soils:

  • Clay.
  • Sand.

Space:It needs 3_6 feet of space.

Fruit Colour:The colour of the fruit is black.

Fruit Value:These are Edible so you can eat this.

Flower colour:The flower is available in two colours.

  • White
  • Green.

Flower bloom time:Summer and spring are the best seasons for its blooming.

Maintenance:Here are some important tips that you should follow to protect your flower and these are given below:

  • Cutoff deadheads to regenerate their foliage.
  • Don’t forget to fertilize it.
  • Do watering daily.
  • Provide partial or full sun for its better growth.
Most Frequent Asked Questions:

1. Is this plant is edible?

Yes, these are edible as these are the substitute for yaupon tea because it contains caffeine so you can use it for making tea.

2. What is the life span of this plant?

The life span of this plant is about 3 years.

3. Is Ilex glabra is toxic?

No these are nontoxic plants and very safe so you don’t need to keep away your pets from this plant.

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