Bergenia Cardifolia | Elephant Ear | Pipsqueak

Bergenia Cardifolia is a perennial, evergreen and pretty flower. The leaves of this flower are leathery, large, ovate and most probably these are spirally arranged. Additionally, due to winters leaves get to change their colour from green to brown.

Origin of Flower:It is native to some of the countries given below:

  • Himalayas region.
  • Central Asia.
  • Afghanistan to china.

Common Name: This plant is commonly called elephant ear or pipsqueak.

Scientific Name:The scientific name of this plant is Bergenia Cardifolia.

Genus:Its genus is Bergenia.

Family:This belongs to the family of Saxifragaceae.

Height:Its height is about 10cm_50cm.

Flower colour:The colour of the flower is pink.

Growth rate:Its growth rate is fast.

Soil type:Good and well-drained soil suits it.

Exposure:Partial or full sun is required.

Water Needs:It needs Average water.

Flowering period:March to April is the best period.

Fragrant:It has no fragrance.

Seasons:Summer or spring is good for it.

Soil Type:It likes three types of soil.

  • Loam.
  • Sand.
  • Clay.

Spread:It can spread about o.5m to 1m.

Plant Type:The type of plant is evergreen and perennial.

Tolerance:It can tolerate hard and rough soil.

Maintenance:Following are some important tips given below that you must follow to protect your plant growth:

  • Partial or full sun is essential.
  • Don’t skip watering as it required water daily.
  • Fertilization is needed.
  • Pruning is also important.
Most Frequent Asked Questions:

1. is the use of Bergenia?

These are very useful plant as these can help to treat kidney stones.

2. Is this plant is Poisonous?

Yes, these are highly poisonous as eating this plant can cause swelling in the mouth, throat, burning and irritation.

Bergenia symbolize devotion, positivity, long life and happiness.

3. What does Bergenia symbolize?

Bergenia symbolize devotion, positivity, long life and happiness.

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