How To Grow White Hibiscus At Home

White Hibiscus or Hardy hibiscus is a beautiful type of flower that is just like shrubs. These shrubs are branches perfectly and are compact. Interestingly these flowers are famous because they are large and has pure white colour. The ideal time for the blooming of these tuna flowers starts from mid-summer remains till the end of the summer. In addition to this, these flowers contain protruding stamen tubes that are creamy-white.

This plant is considered as one of the best perennial plants and has deciduous annual. If you want to make your garden more stunning then these flowers are best.

Scientific name: Hibiscus rosa-Sinensis is the botanical name of this flower.

Common Names: These flowers are also known as Luna White or Hardy Hibiscus.

Family: Malvaceae is its belonging family.

Subfamily: Malvoideae is the subfamily of Luna White.

Tribe: Hibisceae

Genus: Hibiscus L


Interestingly there are various colours available in these flowers. But the most common colours that people find easily are pink, red, orange and white.

Suitable Environment To Grow:

The ideal environment for the healthy growth of these flowers is soil that is humid, moist and warm. Significantly the best temperature for this plant is in between 60-90°F. In case the soil is heavy or its temperature is low then these flowers can be dead. Another important thing is that it is important to take care of these flowers. Because pests and disease can attack the foliage and blooms of these flowers. If there are any symptoms of pest attack then treat it with the best pesticide.


It is not confirmed that what is the actual origin of these flowers. But these are available in Japan, Pacific island and  China.

Tips To Grow Healthy Flowers:

  • It is important to provide partial or plenty of sunlight to this flower.
  • If you want to grow the healthiest flowers then choosing a fertilized and good drainage soil.
  • Moreover, Tuna white needs purring after flowering.
Frequently Asked Question:

What are the benefits of Hardy hibiscus?

These flowers are famous for their treatment of severe health issues such as cancer, dry cough, low blood pressure, skin infection etc.

Is it possible to eat white hibiscus?

Along with their medical and culinary advantages, these flowers can also be used in recipes. Interestingly these Hardy hibiscuses are delicious in Jam, tea, salads and relishes.

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