Planting Tips for Rio Samba Rose

Rio Samba Rose is tall, with a mild fragrance whose look is so attractive. In addition to this, it is 60_ 90 cm wider and 152_182 cm tall. Furthermore, the buds of this flower are red, long, sharp and pointed. Along with this, it has a mild fragrance and mostly blooms from spring to autumn.

Besides that, the shrub has green colour leaves, prickles and medium matte. Additionally, it is considered the best bedding rose. The Interesting thing is that you can grow this as your houseplant if you want to enhance your lawn beauty.

Suitable place for Rio Samba Rose:

For the better protection of Samba Rose it is important to place it near moistures, well_ drained soil, fertile rich place or in sunny areas.

Origin of Flower:

It is originated in the United States in 1991.


Its genus is Rose Hybrid.


The family of this flower is Rosacea.

Tips to better protect this plant:

Following are some tips given below that you must follow to protect its growth:

  • It is essential to place it near well_ drained or fertile soil.
  • Besides that, Cut off the flowers is also very important.
  • Fertilization and watering are also needed.
  • Moist soil is better than rough soil.
Most Frequent Asked Questions

1. How much water did it require?

In the initial stage, it requires 3 times the water in a day afterwards it requires 2 times water in 2 weeks.

2. What is the common name of this plant?

The common name of this plant is Hybrid tea rose or Rio Samba.

3. What colour is a Rio Samba Rose?

This is so beautiful flower as its festivals are yellow in colour with orange colour edges.

4. How to grow Rio Samba Rose?

It is easy to grow Rio Samba if you follow some important requirements like provide it full sun, well_ drained and moist soil.


Callistemon Little John.

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