How To Grow and Care Beauty Bush | Linnaea Amabilis

Beauty Bush is an evergreen shrub with very beautiful foliage. In the spring season, this plant is loaded with beautiful flowers. Its straight and strong brown branches add a nice touch to the whole appearance of the plant. This is the best shrub for all types of gardens. This pretty plant is widely used for ornamental purposes in gardens.

Scientific name:Its scientific name is Linnaea amabilis.

Species:This pretty plant is specie of L. amabilis.

Genus:Its genus is Linnaea.

Family:This magnificent plant belongs to the family of Caprifoliaceae.

Order:Its order is Dipsacales.

Plant type:This is a shrub that produces highly fragrant pink flowers.

Origin:The beauty bush plant is native to China.

Sun exposure:Beauty bush plant enjoys full sun. It’s necessary to provide at least four hours of direct sunlight to this plant.

Colour: This magnificent plant has green leaves and beautiful dark pink or purple buds and fresh pink flowers.

Watering:This plant can survive well with occasional watering. But make sure not to forget watering your plant on alternative days in extremely hot dry weather. Besides, that overwatering is also dangerous for the roots.

Height:This plant can grow up to 10ft tall.

Suitable environment:This plant should be provided with moderately moist soil. This plant can survive well in several types of soil including sand, clay, chalky etc.

Blooming season:The plant starts producing flowers from mid-spring and its blooming season lasts till the end of the spring.

Fragrance:It has mesmerising fragrance.

Disease:Luckily this plant is not prone to plant diseases and pests attacks.

Edible:This plant is suitable only for decorative purposes it’s not an edible plant.

Toxicity:Although beauty bush is not poisonous its consumption can lead to stomach discomfort.

Characteristics of beauty bush plant:

There are some amazing characteristics of the beautiful bush plant that distinguishes it from ordinary shrubs.

  • It is an evergreen plant.
  • The flowers of this plant are extraordinarily beautiful with attractive pink colour.
  • This is a showy plant.
  • Its flowers are extremely fragrant.
  • This plant can grow wildly if not trimmed.
  • Its growth rate is very fast.

Growth rate:The beauty bush plant grows extremely fast and you can see huge differences only within a year.

Trimming:Trimming is beneficial for beauty bush. The best time to trim the plant is the beginning of the summer season. It is the time when the plant stopped blooming.

Fertilizer:Usually, there are no hard and fast rules to fertilise the plant. However, providing naturally fertile and rich soil will serve the purpose. But if you still want to use some fertiliser on this plant then sprinkle a few tablespoons of low concentration fertiliser on the shrub in the spring season.

Propagation:The propagation of the beautiful bush plant is extremely easy and simple. All you need to do is just take cuttings of a mature plant and place them in a well-moist and fertile soil. Water it when you feel that the uppermost layered soil is drying.

Maintenance:This plant requires medium to low maintenance.

Conclusion:Plant this bushy shrub in your garden and make your garden look fresh and smell great. You will enjoy the blossoms of this wonderful plant in May. Besides that this plant has evergreen foliage that will keep your garden colourful even in fall. Not only this but its maintenance and care is super easy, with no hard and fast rules, no fertilizing, no frequently watering. All you need to do is to provide appropriate direct sun, occasional watering and trim the wild shoots once a year.

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