Clematis Nelly Moser Pruning and Growing Tips

Clematis Nelly Moser are the most beautiful, perennial and evergreen plants. These flowers belong to the second group of clematis which is mostly seen in early summer on small shoots that develops from last year’s growth. Additionally, the colour of these flowers is pale pinkish and has striking pink stripes which make them more pretty. Moreover, if you talk about whether these are edible or not so yes its leaves are highly edible. Besides one thing that you must take about this Clematis Nelly Moser is that keep away your pets and children from this plant as these have some toxic effects. But the best thing about this plant is that it’s is quite easy to grow so you can grow this plant anywhere.

Common Name: The common name of this plant is Clematis jackmanii.

Scientific Name:The scientific name of this plant is Clematis lanuginosa Lindl.

Family: This belongs to the family of Ranunculaceae.

Genus: Its genus is Clematis.

Species: C. lanuginosa.

Hardiness Zone: The USDA hardiness zone for these is 4_11.

Height: These are easy growing plants and can grow about 8 to 10m.

Origin: This plant was first discovered in China.

Regions where these plants are naturalized: 

These plants are naturalized in Japan, Australasia, the Himalayas, Central America, North America Southern and northern hemispheres.

Soil Needs: These plants mostly like that type of soil which is well_drained, chalky, loamy, sandy and moist. They are also lovers of slightly alkaline and acidic rich soil. Furthermore, you should care to must provide it granule or compost type of soil for getting the best result. The Suitable PH level of soil for this plant lies between 4_ 5.5m.

Sunlight Needs: They can survive in both situations in full or partial shade. But if you want its best results then it is important to place it in full sun. Most probably, they can also grow in pods or containers inside.

Watering: Watering plays also a very important role like other steps in the growth process of plants. In the early stage of growing this plant water, it 2_3 times a week for the first several weeks to help plants to establish. After that, it needs little care of water and it depends on the weather conditions.

Fertilization: Fertilization is the step that helps to stay healthy of plants and make them strong. For this purpose, it is mandatory to provide the appropriate type of fertilizer to this plant. These plants mostly like or the fertilizer which suit is 5_10_10 low nitrogen fertilizer is good for its better growth.

Harvesting: Harvesting is also an essential element in growing certain plants. The best method to harvest this plant is to cover its seeds with hedges or cotton paper.

Pruning: To maintain the shape of plants pruning is very beneficial. The best way to prune clematis is to cut dead stems or deadheads to make it grow fast and healthy. The best time to prune this plant is late spring or summer.

Medical Uses: 

Some of the beneficial medical uses of this plant are given below let’s see:

  • Beneficial in making certain traditional medicines.
  • Reduce inflammation.
  • Cure skin disease.

Final Verdict: As you have seen earlier these are beautiful and valuable flowers. In addition to this, these can use in decorating several types of occasions like parties and weddings etc. Besides that, the leaves of these plants are edible so you can use these plants as your food. Moreover, it’s pruning, propagation is not difficult as you can easily do it with yourself. Furthermore, the process of growing these plants at your home is simple if you want to grow then you can easily grow this in your garden to make it more attractive.

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