Hibiscus Mutabilis Care And Growing Information

Hibiscus Mutabilis is a deciduous large shrub that has showy flowers and dark green foliage. This flowering plant has multiple stems. Interestingly these flowers are famous because it changes colour with time. In the beginning, these flowers are white but at times these flowers turn a pink or red colour. The average height of this multiple stems shrub is 2.4 meters tall. It has large leaves along with a toothed margin. In addition to this, these flowers grow up to 10-15 cm in width.

Scientific Name:

The scientific name for this plant is Hibiscus Mutabilis.

Common Names: There are various names for this plant such as Chinese Rose, Confederate rose, Cotton Rose, Botan, Dixie Rose mallow.

Hardiness zone: The hardiness zone of this plant range from 7-11.

Soil PH: The ideal soil PH for this plant range from 5-6.

Growing Time: The best time for the plantation of these flowers starts from the end of the summer till Early Fall.

Light: For the proper growth and development of hibiscus Mutabilis, it is very important to place it in direct and unfiltered sunlight. In addition to this, these flowers can also tolerate partial shades.

Water: It is very important to give proper water to this shrub especially in its growing season. But keep in mind that this plant doesn’t need a lot of watering in the winter season. And are also known as drought-tolerant Chinese Rose.

Soil: This low-maintenance plant grows well if the soil is medium, average and perfectly drained. Most importantly it thrives to grow in such soil that has organic substances. Moreover, it is also likes slightly acidic to neutral soil.

Temperature and Humidity:

Hibiscus Mutabilis can tolerate falling temperatures such as 23°F when it becomes completely dormant. But it is crucial to plant this tree in locations that are safe from winter frost and cold weather. Because the top portion of this plant may be spoiled due to heavy frost.

Fertilizer: You can fertilize this plant on monthly basis. But it is very important to choose the best and balanced fertilizer otherwise it may damage the growth of hibiscus Mutabilis.

Propagating Hibiscus Mutabilis: You can propagate this deciduous shrub by cutting its roots. However, you can regrow these flowers by their seeds in the summer season.

Pruning: When these flowers bloomed fully it is the best time to prune them. Hibiscus Mutabilis can tolerate heavy pruning but overall it doesn’t need a lot of pruning. 

Hibiscus Mutabilis Care: Usually, hibiscus Mutabilis doesn’t demand extra care and maintenance. But it is very important to check this plant from time to time to prevent it from scale insects, powdery mildew, aphids and mealybugs etc.

Medical Uses:

These are various medical benefits of hibiscus Mutabilis:

  • This plant is widely used in China in making various medicine.
  • It is best to cure vomiting, expel phlegm.
  • In addition to this, the leaves of Chinese Rose are used to treat inflammation and overcome pain.
Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What is the name of the Hibiscus Mutabilis family?

These flowers are members of the Malvaceae family.

2. Is Chinese Rose is Herb or shrub?

These flowers are considered deciduous shrubs.

3. What is the mature size of Hibiscus?

This plant grows up to 15 feet high and 6-10 feet in width.

4. How many colours are available in Botan flowers?

These beautiful flowers grow in different colours red, white and pink.Conclusion:In a nutshell, we considered these flowers unique, beautiful and attractive. Because they change colours from the beginning till end. You can grow this plant as a multiple stems tree or large shrub that will make your garden charming.

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