Glory Of The Snow | Chionodoxa Luciliae

Glory Of The Snow is the perennial and evergreen and beautiful plants. Additionally, unlike other plants spring bloomers, the flowers of this plant are star-shaped with an upward face. These flowers remain for two to three weeks. Besides that, leaves are fade away at the beginning of summer. The important thing about this plant that you should focus on is that it contains toxic elements you keep away from your kids and pets. One of the attractive things is that the growing process of this plant is not difficult as it requires less care. If you arrange certain types of occasions these flowers may be beneficial to decorate occasions.

Common Name:

The common name of this plant is Chionodoxa luciliae.

Scientific Name:This plant is scientifically known as Luciles glory of the snow.

Family:It belongs to the family of Asparagaceae.

Genus:The genus of this plant is Scilla.

Species:H. Luciliae.

Hardiness Zone:The USDA Hardiness zone for these plants is 3_8.

Height:These are easy growing plants and can grow about 10 to 25cm.

Origin:This plant was first discovered in western turkey.

Regions where these plants are naturalized:

These plants are naturalized in Mediterranean areas that include Crete, Cyprus and turkey.

Soil Needs:This soil is mostly like that type of soil which is clay, loamy, moist and well_drained. Additionally, it can better work in the presence of leaf litter or compost soil for enhancing the porosity if it is required. You should place the bulbs 3 inches apart and 7.6cm. The awesome fact about the plant is that it can survive in hard and rough soil for a little time.

Sunlight Needs:In the case of sunlight, it doesn’t need any specific sunlight as it can survive in both parts of the full sun. However, it can tolerate moist and cool soil but it needs the sun for 3 to 4 hours daily.

Watering:As with sunlight, its water demand is also average because it doesn’t need a lot of water. You must be sure that the plant does not get soggy as it is harmful to its roots and maybe it becomes dies.

Fertilizer:To make the plant more healthy it is necessary to provide it with proper fertilizer. Snow of the glory needs dried manure, compost or granular fertilizer of 5_10_10. Mix the soil well until these mixtures reach their roots.


Harvesting also plays an important role in the process of growing plants. For the glory of the snow, the best way is to harvest is to wrap the seeds of the plant with cotton paper or a bag.

Pruning:As you know pruning can help to maintain the shape of the plants. So, if you want to make this plant more attractive then you must do its pruning. The best way to prune this plant is to cut it from the deadheads or the main area where it connects to all parts of it.

Medical Uses:Some of the beneficial uses of snow of the glory are mentioned below let’s see:

  • It can help to reduce inflammation.
  • Useful to treat the infection.
  • These can be beneficial to make diseases that cure traumatic injuries.
Final Verdict:

As you have seen earlier the plant called snow of the glory is beautiful. Significantly, it requires fewer amounts of care and watering as you feel comfortable. In addition to this, the pruning is simple as you can prune it with garden scissors. These are beneficial in terms of medical issues or health problems as so many medicines are made by this plant. Most probably, these help to decorate certain types of occasions like parties weddings etc. So, you must place these plants at home for making your garden more colorful and attractive.

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