Aloe polyphylla

This plant is very unique and different from ordinary plants. An amazing fact about Aloe polyphylla is that this plant doesn’t have any stem or shoots. Besides that, the spiral direction of its leaves makes this plant attractive. This plant has small leaves with mini scales that enhance its beauty. Usually, this is found on high snowy mountains and it’s not a garden plant.

Suitable Environment :

This plant performs well in rocky areas, it doesn’t love moist soil and full sun. Aelopolyphylla will grow well in a well-drained rocky and shady area.


Spiral aelo is an evergreen plant and its flowering season is summer.


Its order is Asparagales.

Specie :

Its species is A. Polyphylla.


The genus of Aloe Polyphylla is Aloe.

Family :

Aloe Polyphylla belongs to Asphodelaceae family.

Common Names:

Aelopolyphylla has different common names in different languages.  Some of the famous names are:

Kharesta ( Sesotho Language).

Kroonaalwyn ( Afrikaans Language).

Spiral Aelo ( English Language).

It doesn’t have any fragrances.

Sun Exposure:

This plant doesn’t thrive for the sun. It can perform well in shade.

Disease :

AeloPolyphylla is not prone to plant diseases.

Watering Needs:

This plant doesn’t love water. Even on hot summer days, this plant can survive.  So don’t water your spiral also frequently.

Maintenance :

This plant doesn’t require high maintenance and care.

Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQ)
  1. Is it poisonous?

The native people of South Africa use this plant for medical purposes.  According to them, this plant has some amazing magical properties that can cure so many diseases. But this plant is not edible and can harm humans and animals.

2. How to propagate this plant?

There are no hard and fast rules for the propagation of this plant. Simply take out the baby plants from the pot and make a hole in the soil where you want to grow them and place the baby plant inside the soil. You will see the magic in few weeks.


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