European Ginger Plant Care | Asarum Europaeum care

European Ginger flowering plant is another beautiful plant to add to your collection. It is an evergreen and glossy plant that loves to grow in shady areas. European Ginger plant is also famous as Asarum Europaeum. Significantly, this plant is best if you want to cover ground surfaces. Because it spread with a slow speed to make a dark and deep carpet of heart-shaped green leaves. You will see blooms of European Ginger in bell shape from the end of the spring to the beginning of the summer. European Ginger plant care is very easy.

Family: European Ginger belongs to the Aristolochiaceae family.

Genus: its genus is Asarum.

Species: The species of this plant is A. Europaeum.

Plant type: This Plant is considered a perennial plant that remains green throughout the year.

Height: This plant grows up to 5-6 feet high and 8-12 in width.

European Ginger Plant Care:
  • This plant thrives to grow in shades and you do not need to take extra care of it.
  • Interestingly when you grow this plant under suitable conditions it will get 12” tall.
  • Moreover, it is very important to protect it from harsh winds. Because its leaves can easily damage in such situations.

Light and Temperature: Plant doesn’t need any high amount of sunlight as it is a shades lover plant. So you need to plant it in full of partial shady areas. But it still gives value to the sunlight of the early morning. If we talk about temperature then the Ginger plant demands normal temperature it doesn’t tolerate the extremely cold or hot temperature. Such temperatures may affect its soft leaves.

Water and Humidity:

Make sure that whenever you plant European Ginger in your surroundings provide it good amount of water. Because this plant needs high moisture for better growth. But never provide excessive water to this plant in this way soil will become waterlogged and fungal diseases may occur. Such as root rot is one of the serious diseases related to this plant.

Soil:However, it prefers average soil, but if the soil is humus-rich it is best. Asarum Europaeum grows perfectly in such soils that are well-drained, slightly acidic and moist.

Fertilizer: The best fertilizer for Plant is liquid all-purpose fertilizer. You are also allowed to mix this fertilizer with organic fertilizer for better results. So in the spring season, it is very important to fertilize it properly.

Propagation: The suitable way to propagate this plant is division in the spring season. You just need to divide the root stems of this plant and it will create more space for new plantings.

Pruning: To clarify this, never prune European Ginger in the winter season because at that time new leaves may be affected by winter burns. So always prune it in spring by just picking up its dead branches and leaves to maintain the shape of the Ginger plant.

Diseases: Growing Plant is a blessing and very easy because it is one of those plants in the world that are diseases freedee


Q. Is true that European Ginger is not invasive?

Yes, it is true, this plant is not invasive because it spreads very slowly.

Q. Does European Ginger resistant to any living thing?

Yes, European Ginger is only resistant to deer.

Q. What is the origin of European Ginger?

This plant was first time found in Canada, America and Northeastern areas.

Conclusion: To conclude this informative article we want to say that European Ginger is one of the most attractive and flawless plants. It doesn’t need any high maintenance and care. Moreover, this plant loves to grow in shady areas thus you can plant it in any type of place. Significantly there are various medical uses of this plant. Such as you can use it to cure upset stomach and vomiting.

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