Magnolia Susan Care and Planting Tips | Magnolia Stellate Care

Magnolia Susan is a deciduous, hybrid flowering plant that has evergreen blooming flowers available in different colours like purple, pink and white. Additionally, these are multi growing trees that have shiny, simple, alternate and simple green colour oval-shaped leaves. Along with this, the exact length and time of these flowers changes with the shape of the flowers. Some of them are saucer shape others are cup and global. Furthermore, these are highly edible and can be useful for different types of foods. In addition to this, the process of growing these mangnolia susan care is simple and easy so you can grow this plant anywhere comfortably.

Evergreen: Yes.

Height: 20_30cm.

Width: 5cm.

Origin: Japan.

Plant type: Shrub.

Depth: 2 cm.

Family: Cyclamen.

Maintenance required: Low.

Soil Needs: These plants mostly appreciate that soil which is well_drained, chalky, loamy and sandy, alkaline and acidic. Likewise, these plants show outstanding results if you provide it organic-rich soil. The best PH level for this plant lies between 5.5_6.5.

Sunlight Needs: These can survive both in partial shade and full sun. But for the better growth of the plant, it is essential to place it in full sun.

Watering: Moisturizer is very important for plants and water is the element that helps plants to receive a proper moisturizer. However magnolia requires an average amount of water for its growth. As the large quantity of water may be harmful to it and make its roots soggy and damaged.

Fertilization: To make plants more strong and healthy fertilization is very important. Meanwhile,it is necessary to choose the most appropriate fertilizers for several types of plants. In the case of magnolia, it is good to apply the fertilizer of 12_4_8 and 20_5_10.

Harvesting: Harvesting is also a necessary factor for the best growth of plants. The best way to harvest these plants is to cover the seeds of plants with cotton paper.

Pruning:Pruning is that factor that 

helps to provide an attractive and pretty look to plants. The appropriate method to prune this plant is to cut the old branches, bushes, stems and deadhead. The exact time to prune this plant is late spring.

Medical Uses: 

Some of the beneficial medical uses of magnolia susan are mentioned below lets have a look:

  • Help to reduce weight.
  • Improve digestion and stomach issues.
  • Beneficial to cure inflammation.
  • Helpful to overcome anxiety.
  • Useful to treat fever and headache.
Most Frequent Asked Questions: 

1. What is the common name of this plant? 

The common name of this plant is magnolia Susan.

2. What is the scientific name of this plant?

Scientifically, this plant is called magnolia stellate.

3. Which family does this plant belong to?

This plant belongs to the family of Cyclamen.

4. What is the genus of this plant? 

The genus of this plant is Magnolia L.

5. Which is the suitable hardiness zone for these plants? 

The suitable hardiness zone for these plants is 7_9.

6. What is the height of this plant? 

The height of this plant is 20_30cm.

7. What is the colour of its flowers? 

The flowers of this plant are available in multiple colours including purple, white and pink.


Now it’s time to summarize our final thoughts about this plant. As you can see these are beautiful and valuable flowers for gardeners. Most probably, these are no. toxic plants so you have never faced any difficulty regarding your kids and pets. The interesting thing is that with the help of these plants you can decorate certain types of functions and parties. Significantly, the process to grow this plant is not difficult as it demands little care so you can grow it at your home also.


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