Growing Tips Arum Italicum Houseplant

Arum Italicum Houseplant is a nice treat for people who are obsessed with beautiful plants. This plant has a very unique appearance. Its leaves have a pretty green colour with nice yellow veins. Besides that, it produces beautiful snowy white flowers that later on turn into nice eye-catchy red fruits.

Suitable environment:Highly moist and well-drained soil is best for its growth.

Sun exposure:This plant does not show any interest in the sun. It loves full to partial shade.

Other names:This plant is also famous with names

  • Italian lords-and-ladies
  • Italian arum

Origin:This plant is mostly found naturally in

  • Middle east
  • Northern Africa
  • Southern Europe

Family:This plant belongs to the family of  Araceae.

Order:Its order is Alismatales.

Species:Its species is A. italicum.

Fragrance:This plant doesn’t have any fragrances.

Trimming:Trimming is the most important part of the yearly caring routine of most plants. Similarly, trimming is a must if you want a nice and compact looking plant. Without trimming your plant will grow wildly and will cover more space. This will look messy and ugly.

Propagation:This plant can’t be propagated through cuttings. Propagating Arum Italicum is a hard nut to crack because it will grow through seeds. Soak the seeds into a wet compost bed and wait for the germination.

Watering:Well, moist soil is best for its growth. So water the soil occasionally or on alternative days. If the weather is dry and rude then pamper your plant with frequent watering.

Disease:These pretty plants are mostly disease resistant and strong plant.

Growth tips Arum Italicum Houseplant:
  • Here are some suggestions to expand the life of your plant.
  • Keep the plant moist in dry weather.
  • Reduce watering if there is raining or cold weather.
  • Provide the plant partial shade as it loves shade.
  • Make sure to trim the dead, wilted leaves.
  • Provide a nice balanced fertilizer for its proper growth.

Fertilizer:A balanced fertilizer twice a year is more than enough for the growth and development of this pretty plant.

Soil PH:The appropriate PH level for this kind of plant is 6.

Toxicity:No doubt that Arum Italicum is an extremely beautiful plant but its all parts are highly toxic. Direct contact with skin can cause redness, itching and skin irritation. In case any part of this plant is ingested it can cause death. Besides that keep your animals and pets away from this plant because it’s equally deadly for pets as well.

  • It is a showy, ornamental plant.
  • This plant is two in one plant that produces beautiful flowers and small fruits.
  • It has attractive foliage that remains green in winter as well.

Temperature and humidity: Arum Italicum can tolerate the high temperature and humus weather of summer. Besides that, it can also survive well in winter.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q.1 What is the type of this plant?

This is a nice perennial, fruit-bearing ornamental plant.

Q.2 When will this plant bloom?

This flowering plant starts blooming from early spring and produces pure white flowers later on these flowers disappear and a nice red fruit is produced.

Q.3What is the genus of this plant?

Its genus is Arum.

Q.4 Is this plant available in different colours?

This plant has a beautiful combination of green foliage and small red fruits.

Q.5 What is the average size of this plant?

This plant grows up to 2 feet tall.

Q.6 Is it an evergreen plant?

Yes, this is an extremely attractive evergreen cute plant.

Q.7 What are arum italicum medicinal uses ?

Expert use this plant for a therapeutic purpose.

Q.8 can we eat arum italicum fruit?

All parts of Italian arum are poisonous.

Q.9 Is arum italicum toxicity?

Yes that why only expert use for medical treatment.


In a nutshell, if you want to enjoy nice white flowers and beautiful red fruits then go for the Arum Italicum. This pretty plant will make your garden look pretty attractive and is the best addition to all types of gardens.

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