Elfin Thyme Care Growing Guide

Elfin Thyme is a miniature evergreen shrub that blooms in the summer season. Its flowers have hairy corolla, tube shape calyx and colourful petals. It can add life to any garden and is the best choice to decorate a garden with zero maintenance and care.

Suitable environment:This pretty plant performs best in sandy and rocky soil. It also enjoys the soil of the bank of the river or ponds.

Sun exposure:This plant can perform well in both full sun and partial shade. But it will grow differently in both conditions. In the full sun, this plant will cover the ground perfectly and will spread more. On the other hand in a shady place, this plant will grow and form a clump or cluster.

Garden type:This plant can be used as an ornament plant for stone paths, for making borders of the garden or covering the extra ground of the garden.

Habitat:This dwarf plant attracts beautiful butterflies and honey bees that adds extra colour and beauty to any garden.

Blooming season: The cute erect flowers of the Elfin Thyme plant blooms in the summer season. 

Origin:This plant is native to Asia and Europe.

Size:This pretty plant usually grows up to 4 inches long.

Colour:The flowers of this plant have so many colours including magenta, lilac, purple, pink and white. Its leaves are green and the stem is light brown. 

Fragrance:This plant has very high scented flowers.

Order:Its order in Lamiales.

Family:This cute plant belongs to the family of Lamiaceae. 

Genus:Its genus is Thymus. 

Species:Its species is T. serpyllum.

Watering:This plant requires minimal water supply. 

  • Elfin Thyme is a beautiful shrub.
  • This is a cute dwarf plant.
  • It’s an evergreen flowering plant. 
  • The colourful flowers are extremely fragrant and attractive.
  • It has a unique erect stem and tube-like flowers.
  • This is a strong plant that can tolerate severe weather conditions including rough, dry, cold and extremely hot weather. 

Fertiliser:This plant doesn’t have any tantrums it can easily survive without any chemical fertiliser. This plant can perform extremely well with a little bit of natural compost mixed in the soil where the Elfin Thyme is planted.

Maintenance: It’s an easy-going plant and needs minimal care and maintenance.

Disease: This plant is prone to Root rot fungal disease. This is caused the overwatering and extremely damp and moist soil. As this plant naturally doesn’t like plenty of water so damp soil causes root rot that eventually kills the plant.

  • The most perfect way to plant the Elfin Thyme is through cuttings. 
  • Take the soft and fresh cuttings of the plant and place them into the soil.
  • Slightly sprinkle some water and provide some sunlight. 
  • After a few weeks, the cuttings will start producing leaves and plants will develop their baby roots.

Trimming:Chop the dead stems and dried flowers of the Elfin Thyme in the spring season. Otherwise, there is no need to trim the plant as it is already very small and dwarf.

Conclusion:Make your garden hub of beautiful butterflies and bees by planting Elfin Thyme. This tremendous plant will cover all the extra area of your garden and will enhance the overall look and beauty of your garden. Its extremely scented flowers will make you feel so good and relaxed without using scented candles and air fresheners your garden will smell like heaven. This is an easy-going plant with zero maintenance and tantrums. Super lazy people must plant this in their gardens because they don’t have to do anything and will enjoy the beauty and charm of this dwarf plant.


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