Spotted Dead-Nettles | Lamium Maculatum

Spotted Dead-Nettles flowering plant is considered a perennial, evergreen and beautiful plant. Additionally, the shape of these flowers heart like and their foliage is evergreen in summer-fall as well as in winter. Furthermore, the flower of this plant grows in pink or white colour. Most probably, this is a non-poisonous plant so you do not need to worry about the health of your kids and pets because spotted dead-nettles are completely safe.  Along with this flowering plant is highly edible and you can use the leaves of this plant in making delicious salads. The process of growing this plant is not difficult whether its pruning, propagation, watering all steps are simple and easy so you can grow this plant anywhere with ease and comfort.

Some important steps regarding growing these plants:

Some of the important and beneficial steps are mentioned below let’s see:

Soil Needs:These plants mostly appreciated that type of soil which is well-drained, sandy and loamy. Additionally, soil that is slightly alkaline, acidic is ideal for the better growth of spotted dead nettles. Likewise, the soil that contains compost is also very beneficial for it.  The best pH value for this plant lies between 4-5.

Sunlight: This plant can survive in both conditions whether in partially shaded places or full sun. But if you want to get its best results then it is better to place it near a partially shaded area.

Watering:Water is also one of the most important things in the growing process of certain plants. As you know water is helpful to provide moisturizer to these plants. Spotted dead-nettles requires average water because too much quantity can harm their roots and even it may die.

Fertilization:fertilization is necessary to make plants more strong and healthy. For this purpose, you must apply an appropriate fertilizer to spotted dead nettles. In addition to this, the suitable fertilizer for this plant is 5-10-10 fertilizer.

Harvesting:Harvesting is also one of the important elements. The best method to harvest this plant is to cover its seeds with cotton bags so in this way they can easily grow.

Pruning:To maintain the shape of the plant and to make it more attractive pruning is essential. The best way to prune spotted dead-nettles is to cut the old, bushes, stems, branches and deadheads. The suitable time to prune this plant is late spring or early summer. 

Medical uses:

Some of the beneficial uses of spotted dead-nettles are given below let’s have a look:

  • Beneficial in making lotion and creams.
  • Helpful to produce different traditional medicines.
  • Useful to treat wounds and infections.
Most frequently asked questions:

1. What is the common name of this plant?

The common name of this plant is spotted dead nettles.

2. What is the scientific name of this plant?

Scientifically, this plant is called Lamium maculatum.

3. Which family does this plant belong to?

This plant belongs to the family of Lamiaceae.

4. What is the height of this plant?

These are easy growing plants and can grow about 6 inches tall.

5. Which is the most suitable hardiness zone for this plant?

The suitable hardiness zone for this plant is  3_8.

6. What is the flower colour of this plant?

The flowers are available in pink and white colours.

7. Is these plants are toxic?

No, these have no toxic effect reportedly.

Conclusion:Now the type comes to conclude our final thoughts about this plant. These flowers are showy, evergreen and attractive for most gardeners. With the help of these beautiful flowers, you can decorate many places for important occasions like parties, weddings etc. So this plant is recommended to all those people who want to add more elegance to their lawns gardens etc.

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