Elfin Thyme Care Growing Guide

Elfin Thyme | Creeping Thyme

Elfin Thyme is a miniature evergreen shrub that blooms in the summer season. Its flowers have hairy corolla, tube shape calyx and colourful petals. It can add life to any garden and is the best choice to decorate a garden with zero maintenance and care. Suitable environment:This pretty plant performs best in sandy and rocky … Read more

Barometer Bush Growing And Information

Texas Ranger Plant | Barometer Bush | Ashplant

Barometer Bush Plant are evergreen shrubs and are considered the most beautiful flowers. Additionally, these are dense, round-shaped plants noted for their soft attractive silvery leaves. Moreover, these can show it’s blooming in the summer and its fall depends on rain conditions. Furthermore, these plants need little care and concern as you don’t feel any … Read more

Cape Jasmine Care And Information Tips

Jubilation Gardenia | Cape jasmine

Cape Jasmine beautiful fragrant flowering plant Cape Jasmine is nature‚Äôs best masterpiece. Its compact growth, beautiful blooms and white colour look so fascinating and lovely. People who are obsessed with pure white colour must plant this in their garden. This beautiful plant will not only enhance the beauty of your garden but will also make … Read more