Acorus Plant Care And Growing Complete Guide

Acorus with the scientific name Acorus spp is an aquatic plant. Its leaves resemble the shape of a sword it’s not used for ornamental purposes. It is a plant that is grown on the sides of landscape ponds. This perennial plant spreads through underground rhizomes. It’s the best time for planting in early spring.

Size:The mature Acorus is about 6ft tall.

Fragrance:This plant doesn’t have any pleasant fragrance but it smells like ordinary grass when crushed.

Maintenance:This is one of the most effortless plants in the world. There is no need to apply pesticides, fertilizers or other chemicals for its growth. Besides that, you just have to plant it near a pond or moist area there will be no need of watering it. But this plant is not suitable for gardens as it requires highly moist soil for its growth and it’s not an ornamental plant.

The appropriate season for plantation:

This plant should be planted at the end of the winter season or the beginning of spring.

Plant type:This is a grass-like plant that doesn’t have any specific flowering on its stem.

Disease:This plant is highly resistant to all kinds of diseases and pests.

Sun exposure:This plant enjoys lots of water so to balance that full sun is very important for its growth and maintenance.

Suitable environment:This plant loves extremely moist and constantly wet soil. Besides that, it can adjust in serval types of soils like loamy, chalky and clay. So it’s recommended to plant it near ponds or into the standing water area.

Best way to plant Acorus:If you want to plant Acorus directly into the standing water then first plant it in a pot for a week. This will help the plant to establish its roots, which transplant the Acorus and put it into the water approximately 3 inches deep.


This is the best plant for extremely moist places.

  • This plant will stabilise the damp area by sucking the moisture from its roots.
  • Its beautiful bright colours will add life to a dull and shady area.

Watering:Usually, these kinds of plants are planted in the areas where there is plenty of water in the soil so there is no need to water them. But in case you have planted this in a pot or container then it’s important to keep the soil extremely moist. Otherwise, the leaves of the plant will start drying and eventually the plant will die.

Humidity:This plant is native to humid and high-temperature areas. In cold weather, the leaves will turn brown.

Types of Acorus:Some of the most common varieties of Acorus plant are:

  • Pusilus Minimus Arueus.
  • Variegatus.
  • Oregon.

Trimming:Mostly Acorus doesn’t require any trimming, but if you want a neat compact look you can trim it a little.


In a nutshell, Acorus is an aquatic plant and is not perfect for ordinary gardens. But if you want to grow it then it’s very necessary to provide plenty of water to this plant. Furthermore, its green colour will add brightness and life to the dark area. If you have a dry and hot climate then this plant is not for your garden and most people avoid it planting in the garden because it doesn’t have any attractive look and flowers. So it’s useless to pick it as an ornamental plant for your garden. But if you have a loamy and moist area then this is the most suitable plant because it will absorb the moisture and will add a nice colour to that area.

Alternative Plant:

Chinese Fountain Grass

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