Angel Face Rose Growing information

Angle face rose are beautiful flowers that have a very pleasant fragrance. Additionally, the foliage of this plant contrast with the beautiful dark green glossy leaves. Furthermore, These plants are non-toxic as you never feel any difficulty with your kids and pets. The interesting thing related to this plant is that the petals, buds, and leaves all are edible. You can make different types of foods and delicious salads with the help of this plant. These plants can tolerate heat, rough and hard soil. The bushy habit, upward and leathery feature make this plant ideal and the perfect choice for garden and landscape. Dry climates are the best environment for its better growth.

Common Name:

The common name for this plant is Guardian angle, Rosa.

Scientific Name: Scientifically, this plant is called Floribunda rose.

Family: This belongs to the family of Rosacea.

Genus: Its genus is Rosa hybrid.

Species:S. Rosanna.

Hardiness Zone: The USDA hardiness zone for this plant is 4_10.

Height: These are easy and fast-growing plants and can grow about 3 to 4 ft.

Origin: This was first discovered in Unites states in 1968.

Regions where these plants are naturalized:

These plants are naturalized in China, America, and Asia.

Soil Needs: These plants mostly like that type of soil which is loamy, clay, and well_drained. This can better survive if you put this plant deep in the soil about 4 inches. The slightly alkaline and acidic soil is the best choice for the better growth of this plant. One thing you must take care of about this plant is that it never gets dry because dryness may harm its roots badly.

Sunlight Needs: These plants do not demand any specific requirement regarding sunlight. As it can survive both in full sun or shaded area. But one thing important seen in this plant is that it shows the best colorful bloom in the presence of the full sun.


Watering deeply this plant also plays an important role in its growth process. It is essential to water it in the early time of growing plants. One necessary thing is that it’s never getting too much moisture because if it’s get too soggy there is a chance of its dying.

Fertilizer: To make plants more healthy it is important to provide a suitable fertilizer to them. You should apply 10_10_10 fertilization for the formation of potassium, vigorous roots, phosphorus, and healthy foliage.

Harvesting: Harvest is also a very important element in the process of growing plants. The best way to harvest this plant is to cut the stem roots twice.

Pruning: To give a perfect and suitable shape it is important to prune it after some time. As you know that attractive look can enhance the value of plants. The best method to prune this plant is to cut the deadheads and dead leaves. The best time when this plant needs pruning in late spring. This step is beneficial for the healthy growth of this plant.

Medical Uses:

Some of the beneficial uses of angle face rose are given below so let’s see:

  • These plants help to reduce the problem of Asthma.
  • Beneficial in making drugs to induce euphoria and hallucinations.
  • Helps to reduce inflammation.
Final Verdict:

As you have seen these are the most attractive and valuable flowers. These are showy and pleasant fragrant flowers and can be beneficial in decorating certain occasion that includes parties, weddings etc. In addition to this, if you want to make certain foods and salads then these flowers proof to be very beneficial. Besides that, these are toxic-free plants as you do have not to feel worried about your kids and pets. Also, its growing process is not difficult so you can grow it at home comfortably.

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