Yulan Magnolia Flower Bird Plant Caring and Growing Guide

Yulan Magnolia flower bird is one of the most beautiful flowers in the world. These flowers are famous because of their bird-like shape. In addition to this, these lily tree is straight and tall in an upward direction. These flowers are sweet just like orchids and white like jade. Yulan magnolia is such a flower that has a long life span. It is considered a fantabulous street and landscapes tree. In simple words, these flowers are ideal for green country yards and beautification.

Origin: Yulan magnolia flower bird was first time found in China and its various regions.

Scientific Name: The scientific name of this unique flower is Magnolia Denudata.

Common Names: These bird-like appearance flowers are also known as Magnolia flowers or lily trees.

Ideal Time To Grow: The best time to grow these flowers is the end of the winter.

Blooming time: Yulan magnolia blooms perfectly in March.

Uses: This flowering plant is considered a suitable ornamental plant to decorate gardens.

When to Plant Yulan Magnolia:

If you want the best result of this lily tree then you can grow Yulan Magnolia flower bird plant it in the autumn and spring season.

Yulan Magnolia Watering: Under suitable conditions, these flowers require water in the spring season once in 2-3 days. Keep in your mind that do not provide this plant with too much water otherwise, it will be damaged. In case, the temperature of your living area goes up to 30 degrees then you can spray water on the surface of its leaves to make it cool.

Yulan Magnolia Soil: It is very important to grow these flowers in such soil that has little amount of acids and mostly lily tree loves to grow in deep soil.

Yulan Magnolia Light: Interestingly these flowers last for long period. Mostly this plant requires good sunlight, especially during its growing season. Due to sunlight, these flowers can grow in a large amount.

Yulan Magnolia Temperature:

Yulan magnolia has a high capability to resist cold conditions. In addition to this, these flowers can grow well even in minus 4-5 °. This flowering plant act as a deciduous tree that can go high up to 25m.

Yulan Magnolia Humidity: To maintain the humidity of magnolia flowers you can spray water at their leaves. Never let the soil of these flowers dry and cracked, if the soil gets dry then it will become difficult for these flowers to grow properly.

Yulan Magnolia Fertilizer: For the better growth of this plant, it is very important to facilitate it with good quality fertilizer. Organic fertilizer is compatible with lily trees. Because Yulan magnolia needs a high amount of nutrients to grow. So it is essential to fertilize it with potassium or phosphorus-rich fertilizer after every 10-20 days.

Yulan Magnolia Pest & Disease Control: Some common diseases may damage Yulan magnolia such as

  • Anthrax: This pest disease attacks the leaves of this plant and creates spots on them. And in serious attacks, it can become the reason behind the death of these beautiful flowers.
  • Root rot: Due to an excessive amount of water or dryness, this plant can be affected by root rot. So it is very important to give a balanced amount of water to this plant.
Frequently Asked Questions:

1.What is the family name of Yulan magnolia?

These attractive flowers belong to the Magnoliaceae family.

2.Is lily tree edible?

Yes, these flowers are non-toxic for birds, cats and dogs and are edible for them.

3.What is the genus of Yulan magnolia?

The genus of these flowers is Magnolia; L.

4. what month do magnolia trees bloom.

Magnolia tree bloom end of winter season every year

5.Are magnolia blossoms edible.

Yes magnolia blossoms edible and good in taste.

6. What does a magnolia blossom look like?

Magnolia Blossom flower look like brid in shape.

7. Why does my magnolia not flower?

Sometime Magnolia does not grow flower because of not good quality fertilizer and watering on time.


In final words, we can highly recommend these flowers to all those gardeners that want to grow attractive flowers in their gardens. Because these flowers have a unique bird-like appearance that will surely add beauty to any garden. Moreover Yulan magnolia doesn’t need any high maintenance and care.

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