Caring Tips For Choisyaternata

These are one of the best flowers and are often known as Mexican orange. Flawlessly, this Choisyaternata is such flower that remains green throughout the year. And grows up to 3m to 10 feet in length. Moreover, these flowers are considered aromatic because their leaves consist of three leaflets.

Suitable Environment To Grow:

These Mexican orange loves to grow in a mild winter season. To clarify, it is crucial to place them in direct sunlight in the early morning. And it needs protection from the hot sunlight in the afternoon. If you want to grow these flowers in pots then it is also possible but for that, the temperature must be below 10° degrees.

These flowers are famous due to their pleasant and sense appealing fragrance. These flowers are in the form of shrubs and are approximately 4-8 feet tall. The soil must be well-drained and moist. If the gardener wants extra blooms then it is compulsory to prune these flowers.


The origin of these flowers in Mexico.

Common Name:

This flower is also known as Mexican orange or orange blossom.

Botanical Name:

The scientific or botanically name of this flower is Choisyaternata;






It is related to the Rutaceae family.

Life Cycle:



These flowers need full sunlight at least for 6-8 hours a day.

Soil Consistency:

It requires Clay like soil.

Tips to Grow:

These are shrubs and are compact and round. So there are some tips to take good care of these Mexican orange blossoms.

  • If you want to grow healthy Choisyaternata then the soil must be acidic and well-drained.
  • It doesn’t prefer alkaline soil.
  • For planting these flowers it is crucial to add maure that must be well rotted.
  • Place it in good sunlight and partial shades.
Frequently Asked Question:
  1. What is essential to growing healthy Choisya?

These flowers grow healthily in partial shade and good drainage soil. After flowing it is important to prune it in summer.

2. Is it possible to grow Orange Mexican in pots?

Yes, these flowers can grow in pots but it is fundamental that in the bottom of the pot there must be a hole for the drainage of water.

Alternative Plant:

Yarrow Rose

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