How To Care and Grow Cape Jasmine

Cape jasmine is one of the most beautiful flowers in the world and considered in ever-green flowers. Interestingly, these flowers belong to a coffee family know as Rubiaceae. These are wide flowers and  30cm to 3m long in height. The branches of these cape jasmines are dense and it’s leaves grow in the opposite direction. These flowers are white and are also smooth and shiny along with prominent veins and waxy surface area. The foliage of these flowers is in dark green and its flowers are always white. In addition to this, these flowers can be grown as single or double.

Suitable Environment To Grow:

These flowers prefer to grow well in an environment that receives good sunlight and air. Additionally, the soil must contain organic, matter, acid and we’ll settle. Shades are also important for the growth of these flowers significantly when the weather is hot. The preferred season to grow these flowers ranges from early spring to summer.

Origin of Cape Jasmine:

These flowers were the first time originated in Asia and were found in a large number in Vietnam and various other countries such as Japan, Taiwan, China, Korea, Bangladesh and India as well. 

Scientific name:

This flower has a scientific name i.e  Gardenia jasminoides

Common Name:

 These flowers are commonly known as False jasmine.


 It belongs to the  Rubiaceae family.


The order of these flowers is Gentianales


G. jasminoides



Tips To Grow Healthy Flowers:

These flowers can grow beautifully if the gardener follows the below tips and tricks:

  • It is crucial to facilitate these flowers every week with a sufficient amount of water.
  • Direct sunlight and fresh air also play a fundamental role in its growth.
  • The soil should be good and fertilized.
Frequently Asked Question:

1. Cape jasmine has a good fragrance?

The reason behind the popularity of these flowers is it’s a pleasant and amazing fragrance. These flowers are not only beautiful but can also make your garden full of fragrance.

2. Jasmine used as which symbol?

These flowers are white and give positive vibes and also known as symbol of love.

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