Bowl Of Peony | Single-Flowered Peony

If you are a person who is obsessed with plants and beauty then a bowl of beauty peony will be a treat for you. A flowering plant with the scientific name Paeonia lactiflora is a very pretty and enchanting plant. The way its flowers look in the blooming season is one of the most satisfying things on plant earth. Its colour combination is super amazing with rosy pink petals outside and thing light yellow strands inside the flower. Besides that its fragrance is so light and soothing for the brain. If you haven’t planted this heavenly pretty flowering plant in your garden yet, then go and bring one for yourself. Let’s explore more about a bowl of beauty peony.

Suitable environment :These elegant plants love chalky and sandy soil. Besides, that super moist but well-drained soil is favorable for these plants.

Blooming season: The magical rosy pink flowers of this plant bloom in late spring.

Sun exposure: A bowl of peony loves full sun but can also survive in the partial shade.

Fragrance: Along with its showy foliage, colorful flowers and beauty, its fragrance is also worth appreciating.

Size :The average size of this flowering plant is approximately is 80cm.

Maintenance : The maintenance and care of this plant are minimal.

Watering :Its recommended to water it twice a week in the spring season and on alternative days in hot summer days.

Tips for proper growth :

Here are some easy and important tips you will need to grow and maintain a bowl of peony plants.

  • Provide a well moist and fertile soil to your plants so that they can grow well.
  • Protect your plant from the deadly frost of winter it’s better to cover it up if possible.
  • Never transplant the peonies, as most of them will die because of a change of environment.
  • Add a good quality fertilizer to the soil it will help the plant to produce more flowers and bloom for a long period.
  • Never add the fertilizer that has a high quantity of nitrogen because it will cause root damage and the plant will produce few flowers.

Tips to plant peonies: The most suitable time for planting peonies is early autumn. This will help the baby plants to strengthen their roots in the soil. And as a result, they will be able to survive in harsh winters and will bloom in the spring season after two years.

Trimming of peonies: When the blooming session of peonies ends it’s recommended to trim the stems of the plant. This will help the plant to grow much better.

Pest care: As the peonies are pests free so there is nothing to be worried about. But keep one thing in mind that never kill the small ants moving on the flowers because they are harmless and protect the plant from other small pests.

Toxicity: Overall the plant is not harmful to your skin if touched. But it’s toxic if consumed and can cause stomach pain and discomfort. It’s recommended to keep your pets safe and away from this plant.


If you will plant this pretty flowering plant in your garden then you will be able to please your eyes with the beautiful natural bouquet of fragrant flowers. This plant is pest-free but some fungal diseases can spoil the beauty of its fragile flowers so it’s very important to keep an eye on it. This is one of the most suitable flowering plants used for ornamental purposes. This flowering plant will increase the beauty of your garden and will make it very attractive. As its maintenance is low so it’s easy to take care of.

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