Argyle Apple Plant Growing Guide Information

Argyle Apple beautiful plant has stunning and bluish-grey color foliage. Due to which this plant become famous and widely used in bouquets. This shrub-like tree can grow up to 25 feet. This plant doesn’t need much care and maintenance but occasionally pruning is good. The hardiness zone of this plant ranges from 15-20.

Origin: This plant is widely grown in various regions of the world such as Australia, Mexico, California, and Europe.

Common Name:  There are various common names for this plant such as argyle apple, Eucalyptus, and Silver dollar tree.

Scientific Name: It is scientifically known as Argyle Apple.

Foliage: Eucalyptus’ foliage remains evergreen.

Family: Myrtaceae is its family.

Genus: Eucalyptus is the genus of the Baby blue plant.

Species: Pulverulenta

When to Plant:

 If the gardener aims to grow this plant from its seeds, then the gardener has to grow it indoors for 10 to 12 weeks. Until the area that he selected become frost-free. The ideal time for the growth of this plant in spring. In case you have a nursery, transfer this plant to the soil do your garden in spring when there is no fear of frost.

Light: This flowering plant needs sunlight in a good amount. So plant Argyle Apple in such a location that will easily receive a minimum of six hours of sunlight on daily basis. On the other side if you are growing this plant inside your house then place it need a window that can receive bright sunlight.

Soil: Argyle apples have the ability to tackle all types of soil, but it is good to plant them in well-drained soil. For the plant that grows in the container, take a well-drained potting mix. The soil should range from slightly acidic to neutral.

Fertilizer:In case this plant is grown in the ground areas then it doesn’t require any type of fertilizer. On the other hand, there are many chances that the plants in the container will reduce their nutrients rapidly. So it is essential to provide this plant with low nitrogen-based fertilizer for the whole year.

How to Grow Eucalyptus in Pots:

When the gardener grows this plant in the pot it prevents this plant from cold. Because the plants that are planted in the pots can bring inside if the weather is cold. Those Argyle Apple that is grown in the container is treated on yearly basis. So become very easy for the gardener to manage it as a house plant on decks or balconies.

Pruning: Interestingly, this plant doesn’t require much pruning. But you are free to prune those plant that gets overgrown, the branches that are misshaped or broken. In this way, the shape of the plant remains maintained and classy. And the ideal time to prune this plant is in summer.

Common Pests: 

Fortunately, this plant is free from serious types of diseases and pest issues. But sometimes we see long-horned borers specifically it is common on stressed plants. Sometimes we see discoloration of foliage, oozing gaps, holes in the barks. These are all symptoms of infestation. So it is very important to remove the affected area of the plant at the spot.

Uses: There are various advantages of the Argyle Apple some of them are mentioned below:

  • This plant can help to overcome cold issues.
  • People can use it to cure dry skin issues.
  • It helps to reduce pain
  • This plant helps to increase relaxation.
  • Baby blue plant is beneficial to keep your teeth healthy and safe.

In a nutshell, due to the rapid growth, and numerous benefits of this tree it is good to grow it in your garden or landscapes. It can be planted in various places such as firewood, parks, gardens, etc. So we are hopeful that you will get this article benefits and fruitful.

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