Wine and roses weigela | Old Fashioned Weigela

Wine and roses weigela are popular and beautiful flowers. Additionally, Its blooms in a deep purple color which enhances its beauty. Besides that, you can use this flower as a houseplant to make your garden more attractive.                

Origin:It is native to several countries that include:

  • Japan.
  • Northern China.
  • Korea.

Genus:Its genus is Weigela.

Family:This plant belongs to the family of Caprifoliaceae.

Subfamily:The subfamily of this plant is Diervilloideae.

Flower Colour:The flower colour of this plant is pink.

Exposure:It requires full sun.

Height:Its height is about 4_5 feet.

Bloom:This can bloom in old wood.

Water Needs:It needs average water.

Bloom Period:Spring is the bloom season of this plant.

Spread:It can spread about 4_5 feet.

Foliage Colour:The foliage of this plant has two colours.

  • Purple.
  • Black.

Spacing:It requires 5_6 feet of space.

Shrub Type:The shrub Type of this plant is deciduous.

Growth Rate:Its growth rate is fast.

Seasons:Summer or spring is suitable for its growth.

Maintenance:Here are some essential tips that you should follow to protect your flower growth and these are given below:

  • Watering regularly is important.
  • Cutoff deadheads to regenerate foliage.
  • Full sun is a must for its better growth.
  • Fertilization is also essential.
Most Frequent Asked Questions:

1. What is the common name of this plant?

The common name of this plant is Old fashioned weigela.

2. Is wine and roses weigela is toxic?

No, these have no toxic effect and are highly safe for your pets so there is no fear of getting any harm from these plants.

3. What is the scientific name of this plant?

This plant is scientifically known as weigela subsessilis.

4. Is this plant is useful?

Yes, these are useful for decorating different events or use as a houseplant in your garden.

5. Is weigela are evergreen plants?

Yes, these are evergreen plants because of their deciduous shrub.

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