Hummingbird Sage Care And Growing Guide

The hummingbird is a flowering plant and also know as pitcher sage. These flowers are grown in gardens. Because of its beautiful flowers and attractive color. The average height of these flowers is 12-59 cm tall. This evergreen perennial flower has strong stems that generate from its woody base. To clarify this, each hummingbird sage plant develops only one flowering stem. That stems branches very rarely. Its stems grow square. And the complete plant has glandular wavy hairs.

Origin: This flower was first time introduced in Central and Southern California.

Blooming Time: California hummingbird sage grows from March to May.

Suitable Place To Grow:

The hummingbird sage plant grows smoothly. If it receives good sunlight and partial shades. The soil must have proper drainage. These flowers require irrigation occasionally after the first year of plantation.

Common Names:

There are some other names for this flower such as

  • Pitcher safe
  • Hummingbird sage
  • California hummingbird sage

Scientific Name: Salvia spathacea

Family: Lamiaceae is its related family.

Genus: Salvia is the genus of hummingbird sage.

Species: L. Spathacea

Plant Type: It is a perennial evergreen plant.

Foliage Features: The foliage of these flowers are deciduous and drought.

Habit: It’s habit is Clumping

Foliage Color: Its foliage grows in medium green colour.

Flower Color: Flowers has eye-catchy Magenta colour.

Soil Adaptations: This flowering plant prefers to grow in deep and clay soils.

Medicinal uses:

There are various beneficial medical uses of these flowers such as

  • These flowers are used as antimicrobial.
  • And are also considered as a decongestant that makes them beneficial to cure sore throats.
  • Stems, leaves and hummingbirds sage are used to make tea.
  • Such delicious tea is advantageous for memory, mood and stomach ache.
Frequently Asked Question:

1. What type of smell does pitcher sage possess?

This flower attracts bees, hummingbirds, and butterflies. Because of their fruity pleasant smell.

2. Are these flowers delicious to eat?

These flowers are famous due to their tasty and juicy fruits. That first grows into green color and then changes into golden-yellow fruit. Individuals use to eat it in salads.

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