Sarcococca Confusa Care And Growing Tips

Sarcococca Confusa are the fast-growing and one of the well-known flowers in the world. Additionally, the leaves of this plant are green in colour whose height is 1-2m and width is 3-7ft.                                                                                


It is native to some regions such as:

  • The Himalayas.
  • Southeastern and eastern Asia.

Genus: Its genus is Sarcococca Confusa.

Family: These flowers belong to the family of Buxaceae.

Plant type: The plant type of this flower is a shrub.

Foliage colour: Its foliage colour is green.

Water required: Medium water is needed.

Height: Its height is about 3_5cm.

Characteristics: It has some attractive characteristics:

  • Evergreen.
  • Showy.
  • Fragrant.

Tolerate: This can tolerate rabbits and deer.

Garden Uses: These are useful for Borders and Beds.


The following seasons are best for it.

  • Summer.
  • Spring.

Spread: It can spread about 150cm.

Soil Drainage: Well drained and moist soil is suitable.

Fragrance: It has a pleasant smell.

Exposure: A shaded area or partial sun is good for it.

Species: The species of this plant is M.cheng.


Some of the important tips that you should follow to grow healthy growth are:

  • Watering is essential.
  • Partial sun is required for it.
  • Moisturization is necessary.
  • Cutoff deadheads to regenerate new leaves.
Most Frequent Asked Questions:   

1. What is the scientific name of this plant?

The scientific name of this plant is Sarcococca.

2. Is Sarococca is useful?

Yes, these are useful flowers as they can be used for decorating gardens and helpful in providing food for bees.

3. Is sarococca confusa plants are poisonous?

No, these have no toxic effect so these are considered as non_poisnous plants.

4. How you can grow sorococca plants?

You can easily grow these plants by simply providing water, well_drained soil and partial sun. One important thing is that you must grow it about the height of 1.8m tall.

5. Is it essential to prune this plant?

No, it’s an amazing thing is that it doesn’t require any pruning.

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