Viburnum Tinus Growing and Caring Tips

Viburnum Tinus is one of the most pretty flowers in the world. In addition to this, it’s like a shrub that is 3 meters broad and 7 meters tall with a rounded crown. Besides that, viburnum leaves are evergreen and persistent you feel so good to see these flowers. Furthermore, these flowers are available in light pink or white color that is produce from raddish_pink buds. The season for these flowers is winter or they can grow in the period from October to June.

Suitable place for Viburnum Tinus:

It is essential to put viburnum Tinus in full sun or partially shaded areas. Moreover, it can better grow in well-drained or moist soil.

Origin of Flower:

Viburnum Tinus is native flower.


Its genus is viburnum.


The family of Viburnum Tinus is Adoxaceae.

Subcategory of Meadow rue:

The subcategory of Meadow rue is laurustinus.

Tips to grow Viburnum Tinus:

Here are some tips which you have must follow if you want to better grow Viburnum Tinus:

  • Mostly these flowers can better grow in moderate or well-drained soil.
  • Besides that, some of the viburnums grow in dry soil so you must take care of them.
  • You can propagate viburnum with the help of seed but this process needs labour factor.
Most Frequent Asked questions:
  1. Does this plant grow fast?

At an early age, it can grow very fastly as about 45cm approximately but when it turn mature the process of its growth becomes slow but it can reach up to 4m in height. Most importantly, it can easily grow without any difficulty.

2. How do you maintain this plant?

It is essential to water your viburnum when it becomes dry as moisture is necessary for better growth. Besides that, pruning is also a mandatory thing for the protection of your viburnum.

3. What places are better for this plant?

Full sun or drained soils are better places for the better growth of this plant.

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