Tiger Flower Care Tips

A Tiger flower is a species of flowering plant whose leaves are lance_ shaped or narrow. In addition to this, it has bright bloomy colored flowers that occur in summer. Moreover, these plants open in the morning and close before rusk.

Along with this, its propagation and pruning are easy so you can easily use it as a houseplant. Furthermore, it needs little protection so you never face any difficulty.

Suitable place for Tiger Flower:

For the protection of the tiger flower, it is important to take place near a sunny place or well_ drained soil. The Interesting thing about this plant is that it can tolerate rough or hard conditions.

Origin of Flower:

It is native from Mexico to Chile.


Its genus is Tigridia.


The family of this flower is Iridaceae.

Tips to better grow this plant:

Below given are some important tips that you should follow to protect your flower growth from any destruction:

  • The plant appreciates well_ drained or sunny place.
  • Provide moisture regularly.
  • Besides that, fertile it with liquid fertilizer for a few times to get a bloom.
  • Watering on daily basis is required.
  • Protect it from shaded areas as it may harm its leaves.
Most Frequent Asked Questions:

1. What are the common names of this plant?

The common name of this plant is Peacock flower, Tiger flower, and Mexican Shell flower.

2. What is the botanical name of the Tiger flower?

The botanical name of this flower is Tigridiapavonia.

3. Is the tiger plant is useful?

Yes, it is a very useful plant as it has a sweet scent, and may be useful in decorating cakes, food presentations, and for different events.

4. Where did the Tiger flower best grow?

Well_ drained place or sandy area is best for its growth along with PH, Alkaline, or acidic balance.

5. Is tiger Flower is toxic?

Yes, these are reported as highly toxic flowers especially for your pets so you must Keep away your pets from this flower.

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