Orange Lily Growing Information at Home

Orange Lily is a wild plant that usually grows like meadows beside the roads of hilly areas. This plant has a strong stem approximately 5 feet in height. Its flowers are orange and have a medium size. It is a little toxic plant that can harm cats. Moreover, this has a very fascinating cool orange colour that looks so pleasant to the eyes. This plant is not grown intentionally in gardens for ornamental purposes but is found easily.

Suitable environment

This beautiful plant thrives for a nice warm and sunny atmosphere. And it grows as a meadow on the hilly areas. But it can also survive in partial shade.


This beautiful fresh orange flowering plant is native to Europe.

Common names

Orange lily is commonly known with several different names including fire lily, Jimmy’s Bane and Tiger Lily.

Botanical name

Its botanical name is LililumBulbiferium.


Its genus is Lilium.


Its family is Liliaceae.


Its specie is L. Burbiferium.


Mostly this flowering plant is found in orange colour.


The standard size of this plant is 4-5 feet tall.

Watering needs

This lovely plant thrives on water. Especially in the summer seasons, it’s recommended to keep the roots of this plant cool for active growth.


It has a mild fragrance

Sun Exposure

This plant loves the full sun.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it toxic?

Yes, cats are highly sensitive to orange lilies. And in case of consumption, this can lead them to death. So for those who have cats in their home, it’s recommended to keep your cats away from this plant. And in case of consumption, the affected cat should be treated soon with activated charcoal to save a life.

What does the orange lily symbolize?

Orange lily is famous as a symbol of happiness, wealth and prosperity. They usually grow wildly so they are considered a powerful plant.

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